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  1.  not worth trying!


    i thought perhaps i would try this game instead of nba 2k9 as i love 2k9 but i think certain aspects could be improved...including rebounding. only to find the rebounding on live is terrible! as well as alot of other things,not enjoyable and not worth it.

  2. NBA 2K9

    NBA 2K9


    1 New from  £35.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.01

     getting there


    The gameplay is great no real problems there other than sometimes players still layup behind the backboard and consequently go out of bounds although this is not very often. Also playing a season or association franchise has one annoying feature that other players simulated rebound per game are all below 10 bar one or 2 so doesnt reflect actual life counterparts performances. One thing to 2KSPORTS...borrow the become a legend mode from PES 2009 and that will make the game complete

  3.  as good as it gets for psp


    The gameplay is a bit better than last years but the main feature that will keep you interested compared to last years is the be a legend mode.....the first 2 seasons with low stats can be frustrating at first but between 3-5 seasons you'll start getting offers from the top clubs

  4.  harldy worth 2*


    i dont know why i give it 2 star...maybe sympathy...we want a basketball game for psp and this is all we get...ps1 graphics! and gameplay!
    cmon nba 2k!!! we need it for psp

  5.  great


    great on portable! keeps you wrapped into it till the end...silent hill games just keep you playing thats there strength.

  6.  okay


    it is good but as good as last years...nothing specially new here....maybe the psp cant do anymore???

  7. NBA 2K8

    NBA 2K8


    4 New from  £4.11  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.70



    its great yes....the dunks the shots the personalisation the realness,..but the manual i indeed rubbish? showing no controls to do any advanced moves like on the post or dribbling moves,...you`ll have to search the internet for instructions on how to perform the best moves.
    but the game is the best out there for sure

  8.  well worth it


    yeah well worth your psp,movies games everything is great on this

  9. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    4 New from  £12.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98



    still worth playing over fifa any day...but certainly do NOT! play this game online...i couldn`t beleive all the words about lag and stuff...but it`s true! and it`s terrible...sure people play online and learn to get used to it but i don`t want to! when your on the edge of the box and then next frame its in the keepers hands??? or a tackle you made then the other player has possession of the ball 10 yards away from the tackle,,,,it really is bad and ufair and not worth the bother!....so stick to offline and it`s fine but not much different except graphically from last years.

  10.  definately bad


    the only worhtwhile thing in this game is jumpshot shooting,its a nice system and very easy so get this game if you want easy scoring but dont expect anything nice on blocking rebounding low post scoring or dunking