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  1.  Brilliant!!! What a piece of Kit!!


    I've had this for almost a year now and I seriously think these are the MP3 player before the iPOD - Just as good but just not as well known as the DVD. They work with any TV that has a scart cable plus has Components for 720p, and if you have a PC monitor and a set of speakers, guess what - you can use that too. Simply download any .AVI files, transfer them onto the HD from your PC via USB and then you can watch them without the need of a computer.

    Top tip, always use the files option on the main menu, if you use the movies or music options it searchers the whole drive and is hard to find what you want. If you use the Files, its like looking on your computer through folders and then clicking ok on what you want to watch!!

    If you have alot of tv series or movies on your computer get this, you wont regret it! It's my Second best gadget only to my remote control light switch and I even have Sky +!!

  2.  This is a GTA MUST HAVE!!!!


    You can call using one of these as cheating as much as you like, but it makes no difference. If you look back to GTA SA you will understand the need for one. There is so much detail in GTA's these days you could spend years playing the game and not spot that one thing that could be hours of fun. The best way to use this book is to keep it hidden away from your preying eyes until the moment comes. Then when your getting bored pull it out and have a read through. I can promise you there will be something you didnt know that you can then go and do. As said before these book series' are a GTA must have. I usually pay about 13 quid for these after I get the game, but with the game I am only paying 8 quid from play.com, bonus...