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  1.  Decent.


    The awkward moment when you find out there is no 4 Player Co-op for online play...

  2.  A great buy considering the price.


    The price that is being offered for this game is highly worth it. The game is more of a huge DLC pack than any thing else. I would have gladly paid this much in order to just download all the content on this game for DR2.

    Any way, if you're a fan of Dead Rising 2, every thing will be familiar here. Controls, map, characters, everything, but with some new additions. A new area has been added to the game which will add further fun and exploration to the game. New combo weapons also enter the game, which tend to take more of a comedic take on killing zombies.
    Although not surprising, the plot/story itself is a little lacking in detail. Its pretty much the exact same as Dead Rising 2. Hell, alot of the cutscenes are the exact same, but with Frank's character model and voice used instead of Chucks. All the old Psychopaths also have the same cutscenes, as well as the survivors. I'm not exactly complaining, but it would have been nice to see something new to look at.
    Also, I am extremely happy they finally added checkpoints in to the game. There is now no going back to the last place you saved the game when you die. Thank god.

    Sandbox mode is really what makes this game though. The ability to just jump in to the game without a needing to worry about the story is just awesome. Being able to do WHAT EVER YOU WANT is really what I've been looking for since Dead Rising 1's Infinite mode with that pesky hunger bar. You can also save you game in Sandbox mode to continue your carnage at a later time. A great addition.
    It also adds fun challenges for you to do in single player, as well as unique co-op challenges to tackle with a friend.

    Overall, this game is well worth the 18 pounds I spent on it, and I've only played it for a total of just over 2 and a half hours. A recommended buy for any new comer to the Dead Rising series, or any one who didn't get the 'kick' they were wanting out of Dead Rising 2.

  3.  Amazing gameplay, but lacking in variety.


    I assume if your reading this, then you know what the game is, and what its about, So I'm not going to go in to any of that stuff.

    The game plays alot more smoothly than the previous game. Performing lengthly button combo's has been balanced out to be a difficult but rewarding task. Air Combo's are very fun to pull off, and are a good addition to the game.

    To be honest though, I'm going to talk more about why the game doesnt deserve 5 stars and only 4: Its really lacking in variety. REALLY lacking.
    I don't have any gripes with the game having less characters than the previous game. What annoys me, is the extreme lack of game modes, and the extent in which you can customize those game modes. There isn't a game mode where you can just say 'Okay, I want to be these 3, and I want to fight these 3 people.' Only can you do that in 2 player, where you need to be fighting another human player, and In order to do it in single player, you have to go in to training mode, and fiddle about with the settings. And after that, who ever wins the fight, there isn't even a victory pose or any thing, the fight just instantly resets.
    The lack of customization in Online private matches also bothers me. It doesn't allow you to have infinite time during a match and other players in the lobby can not spectate an on going match. Why are these features not included? They were in MVC2, and that was and that was an Arcade game!
    Out of the box, without any DLC, there's only about 3 games modes: Arcade, Mission and Online, and I suppose training mode. Why does Capcom expect us to download and wait for game-modes that are evidently already on the game disc.

    Overall, dont get me wrong; This game is amazing fun, and great fun to play online, or with a friend on the same console. Get it if you're a die hard fan of the series. If you're unsure about it, I would recomend waiting for maybe a price drop, or wait until the future DLC comes out. Also, if you don't have access to Xbox Live, I wouldn't recommend this one. Not being able to download future DLC will really lack the experience for you, and you will find yourself getting bored of this game quite quickly if you just stick with the offline modes.

    Also, 5 pounds Per downloadable character, Capcom?!

  4.  Unbeileivable


    After getting hands on with the Beta, i was pretty determined to buy the game.

    The story mode see's you playing as Nathan "Nate" Drake, again, after a two year gap after the first game, which was also a very good game, but i think this game surpasses the first one in every single way.

    The controls are pretty much the same as the first game, the only difference in control is the use of grenades. No more Six-axis Aiming, which i think is a great improvement. The controls for climbing are very much the same, although, like in the first one, i think that trying to jump to certain ledges while hanging on other ledges can be a bit awkward: Sometimes, Drake just doesn't seem to want to do it. The controls for shooting are the same, but now, when you blind fire over cover, you are given a small area in which you can aim, just like when you run and gun. The melee system in the game i think has been greatly improved. You can no longer Take down an enemy by simply tapping Square 5 times, the enemy can now often put you in a grapple. which will prompt you to press a button to release yourself, and continue attacking. So now, there are no Quick Combos or Brutal combo's. The stealth kills arw a great edition to the game, making some parts of the game do-able without being seen, so its something refreshing to do after a huge fight to survive in your last shoot off.

    The game is also Longer than Uncharted 1. Uncharted 1 being 22 chapters, Uncharted 2 is 26. Although, i do think towards the end of the game, it did get slightly repetitive, and i did beat the game in under a day, about 9 hours, but this is simply because it was so damn good, and i couldnt put it down.

    Now to the online:
    I think that this is a brilliant addition to the game, and it was needed. After playing the beta, i had high hopes for the online, and Boy, did they deliver. Naughty dog have done an amaizing job with the online service in Uncharted 2. But there are 2 gripes i have the online: The melee system in it is completley broken and unfair, and number 2, it may take a while to find a game, but this is quite a rare occasion.

    Overall, i think this game surpasses Uncharted 1 in every way, and is DEFINITELY the best game on the PS3, and the game of the year so far. If you have a PS3, BUY THIS GAME...Now...Bring on Modern Warfare 2

  5.  Good, but not the best


    Already owning a Xbox 360 and a Wii before buying my PS3, i was pretty skeptical wether to not i should actually buy it, and after the month ive had it now, i can gladly say im glad i did buy it. Its a good addition to any avid Gamer, and also a good edition to the Casual gamer. The Blu ray player built in is a great feature of it.

    The first thing i want to touch upon is the online. Sure, its wonderful not having to pay for it like Xbox Live, but im afraid to say, i think the Xbox live service is better than PSN. Xbox live has things like Inside Xbox, Ign Strategise, and the likes. While PSN has...nothing.
    Also, the PSN's connection compared to xbox live is worse. I find myself not being able to join a friends game VERY often. and in fact, On Call of dutys Nazi Zombie mode, ive found 3 games in a month. I also find my connection being Laggy as all hell, while if i go play a game online on my Xbox, the connection is perfect.

    A main reason i was skeptical about not buying a Ps3 was due to the amount of exclusives games that actually appealed to me. It was pretty much, next to none. And also, what games are on here that i could just get on my Xbox any way? Now dont get me wrong, Ps3's got some great exclusives coming to it in the near future, but now all these big brand games seems to be crossing over to xbox aswell. Cmon Guys. Wheres all the exclusives?

    over all, i think the Ps3 slim is a good buy. I would recomend buying one if you dont have any previous Games consoles, or maybe if you have a wii. But if your more of a hardcore gamer, Then my Suggestion is: Xbox all the way

  6.  Average


    Sure, dont get me wrong, for a headset, its good. but the thing i dont like about it is how Uncomfortable it feels when im wearing it. On one ear it doesnt feel nice at all, and on the other, it feels incredibly loose.

  7.  Hi-Larious


    For me, the funniest film of 2008. just the story itself its something to laugh at. with jokes spread out through out the film, and tons of one liners, you will be laughing a hell of alot. and people are saying "this is best comedy since dumb and dumber".....nahh.......Its Better

  8.  A Must Have.


    Even though halo 3 has been out for well over a year, i am still playing it like crazy. it is probably my faviroute game for the Xbox, and will be for years to come. the campaign is easily completeable in a day, if played for long enough, but it is still very fun to play through again and again. the Ledgendary difficiculty, yet a challenge, is still great fun to play through with a friend. although, i would have quiet liked to see a few levels to play as the arbiter in 1 player campaign, but hey, you cant have every thing.

    The online mode, is less competative then the other 2 major shooters on the console (Cod and Gears) but its a heck of alot funner to play. Being able to create new games modes and maps adds to the fun, and Infection mode is hillariously fun to play with a ton load of friends and other people

    Over all, its a must have for the 360. and i would give it 9.5 out of 10, 5*

  9.  Great, with only few problems


    As a fan of games set in the middle ages and stuff like that, i was pretty eager to get my hands on fable 2. and when i did, i couldnt put it down. The begining of the game is a bit slow to get going, and not much action is introduced, but after it, its pure all out fun. think of it as Grandtheft auto, in the victorian times,except with no cars. the story kept me going for probably a good 15-20 hours, and the side quests alone will set you back about 5-10.

    Your dog is your trusty companion in this game. sure, he doesnt do much fighting wise, (which i think he should) but you love him any way. why? Cos hes your Dog, and thats the way it goes. the combat system is easy to grasp, with only one button to a certain combat skill, and it is still simple even after you upgrade your skills to higher levels.

    Although there are a few gripes with the game. Due to it being so big, entering a new area does take quiet some time, about 20 seconds on the loading screen. and when you have entered the area, some of the characters havnt even appeared yet when you are right next to them. Sometimes, the game becomes laggy when there is alot going on at once, and one time, my sound effects of the game cut off completley.

    Over all, i would say it is a must have for fans of the RPG's, and i give it 8/10, 4*

  10.  A decent sequel


    Gears 2 lived up to my expectations. It is worthy enough to be a "must have" on the xbox. The story seemed to be more developed than the first one, the new weapons and enemies add new tactics to the games, and new difficulties. The online games have been vastly improved over gears 1, and new modes have been added, and weapons for online have been more evened out. Horde mode, is probably the funnest part of the game, because it is just continue-es amount of locust sent out to destory you and your team mates.

    But with pro's, come cons. I felt that the story mode was way to long, and it felt so repetative. Compared to the first gears of war, it felt so much longer, and to much of it was set in the undergrounds/mountains. I was near the ending of the game, thinking i was coming close to the final battle or summin, but then it adds a complete new piece on to it! This is the point where im thinking "oh my god how much longer is this going to be" and with repetativeness, they didnt add any stratergy in killing any of the enemies. Its just plain and simple "shoot it"

    Overall, i would give it 4 stars, and an 8 out of 10.