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  1.  A great PSP game!


    This game is great, the scale of the boss battles, the story, the graphics and cutscenes, the gameplay, etc.
    The artbook and box are really nice too and the red box for the actual game looks really good, wish they'd do that more often!

    This is a game well worth owning, especially as it's only 17.99 and that includes an artbook, lithographs and a Dissidia 012 DLC code!

  2.  Wonderland is still full of wonder


    I've written a full written review of this but I'm just going to say that the art and music are what shines the most in this game - we really don't have enough platformers so this is a nice change in a market flooded by shooters.

    You'd be doing yourself a favour by getting this and get it new - you get a code for the original American McGee's Alice too then and that's also well worth a playthrough.

    2 great games for what is now a lower price than one!

  3.  One of the best games this generation.


    I absolutely loved every minute of this game down to the story, graphics, character development, etc.
    The combat is a bit shallow with your basic light and heavy attack, evade, block, etc, but it doesn't damage the game and works well for how basic it is.
    The story is one of the most original and thought provoking ones I have experienced and I've gone through the game twice and earned the platinum trophy within 5-6 days and loved almost every minute of it! (With exception to collecting some of the tech orbs.)
    I would recommend this game to most people but if you didn't like Uncharted then you may not like this as you can see the similarities quite clearly, although they are not similar enough to call Enslaved a rip-off.
    Absolutely fantastic game which has been overlooked and hasn't got the attention that it truly deserves.

  4.  Resistance 2


    More falling of men!
    Number 1 was good enough, but number 2 is much better.
    The online is good and does not suffer from lag, and the single player is immersive and very good graphically and gameplay wise.
    Well Worth it.

  5.  Game Of The Year For Me!


    This game is VERY good, but relatively short if played on amateur and normal.
    I don't see the problems with the controls but I do understand the 'it's an action game so a new control scheme is required' argument, but it's something that defines Resident Evil so it won't be replaced anytime soon, if at all.
    I'm playing through this game again now with a friend on veteran and there are some surprises with the boss battles that shocked me a little (darn chainsaw majini!) but I love it anyway.
    I am a big fan of the RE series and I don't think this lets it down at all.
    Recommended and hope it wins GOTY.

  6.  Resident Evil 5 Guide


    This guide is very good, tells you all that you need to know and helps you unlock most trophies if that interests you, also this does NOT come with the calendar and that may be exclusive to America and Japan.
    That or mine didn't come with it... but I find that unlikely as it was still sealed, haha.