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  1.  brilliant


    Why havent more of their songs been released? I have only recently discovered the talking heads and have been blown away by just how great they are. really good album with excellent wacky vocals. just my style.

  2.  an HONEST review


    ok, i admit i've so far spent a full 2 weeks of my life online with this game, because (i admit) its good. but....
    no one seems to mention the bad points to this game that stop it from being 5 stars (seriously guys no game will ever be 5 stars as there will always be something wrong with it).

    the single player is ok i suppose. its action packed and at some points has nice graphics (charlie dont surf in particular).
    but why has no one mentioned the fact that every enemy soldier aims at just you? a grenade lands at your feet every 5 seconds, enemys constantly respawn unless you push on past certains points on the level, and its very short with little replay value.
    also im i the only one disapointed with the details of the weapons? they dont look as nice as the should. also the sound of most of the weapons is pretty weak. the R700 sniper rifle sounds like a whip being snapped. the only good sounding weapon is the barret 50cal rifle but its unrealistically weak.
    there also seems to be a lack of weapons too, no SA80, FAMAS, SCAR, etc.

    online again is another mixed bag. its great when everything is working right but most of the time you get host ended game, connection errors. also you cant pick what maps you wanna play. theres no mute while waiting in a lobby for 40 seconds while some american whistles or blasts rap music or static down his mic forcing you to turn the volume down. no kick option to punt team killers. maps are really small. the DL maps that cost me £7 suck. 1 is from cod2 with a new cosmetic look, 1 can only be played in private matches or certain modes, 1 is based of a level within the single player and the other is....well i actually quite like the other one lol.

    good points are that as stated at times it can look good. a decent number of maps. always quick to join a game, prestige leveling up make this game addictive. loads of challenges and weapon customisation. addictive game play.

    yes i sound like a moan, and i am but only to give you an honest no holds barred review. calling the game "amazing" just isnt right. its good, at times really good but the fact that there isnt any other good fps on the market probably make this seem better than what it is.

    please buy the game, honestly its good but be prepared for some really annoying fault/issues that may or may not spoil this game for you.

    hope to see you online.

  3.  worst acting ever


    Love my war documentaries and movies but over there is just terrible. The acting is sooo bad. The "big brother diary room" moments to camera are very cringeworthy.

  4.  great fun


    Really good fun action movie. The previous review (great review by the way, made me laugh) covers it all. Buy it.

  5.  glad i didnt pay full price


    I really hoped to be blown away with "assembly" but on the whole i was pretty dissapointed.
    The battle scenes arent really that good. I mean you know your in for a poor war movie when the first shoot (from the main characters side) is a head shot from a pinned down position...

    Also they have tried the now over used "shakey cam" used to great affect in saving private ryan. But the camera shakes way too much meaning you miss alot of the action, which to be honest probably isnt a bad think as the action is poor.
    The end of the film had a nice wee touch, which i wont mention but it was pretty powerful.
    Really not as good as brotherhood, saving private ryan or band of brothers.

  6.  not the best on ps3 but decent


    How people give this 5 stars is beyond me, its far from perfect but once you get past the boring mario-like levels and tutorials then it gets interesting.
    Creating your own stuff can be quite amusing, and rude if you want :p but to me this game feels like an average platform game with a 3d painting application attached. Its very annoying having to "collect/find" all the bits in levels so you can use them when creating, just give me all the stuff and let me get on with it.

    Also the jump action seems to be hit or miss but i heard that a patch was being thought about to fix this. Must say stephen fry does a great job as usual with his voice overs (like pocoyo) but his voice does get a bit boring but its sometimes amusing. I sound like im being really mean to this game but im not, its still a decent game, just not as good as the usual hype seems to think.
    To be fair i've only played about 2hrs worth but it still hasnt grabbed me, or got me excited which is a shame.

    By all means get it, especially if you have lots of time on your hands but dont expect it to be "amazing."

  7.  not the iss/pes of old


    I've been a massive iss/pes fan since the snes days and have played every years edition but this gen just isnt happening for seabass/konami. Pes 2008 was so bad that i dont even rate it as a pes title. So pes 2009 promised to be better, and it is, but that was never going to be difficult.
    Ok good points:
    It has the uefa champions league in all its tv style glory.....and thats about it.
    Bad points:
    You get booked/sent off or give away a foul everytime time you slide tackle or look at the opposition.
    The commentary gets annoying very quickly and doesnt always make sense (again!! Every year!)
    Still a lot of unlisenced stuff, eg teams, names, stadiums. Come on it cant be that hard to get them!
    Shooting is shocking.
    Defending is a nightmare, pressing x to tackle does nothing!
    Players look very strange and off balanced when passing. Never looks right.
    Player movement animation is like watching benny hill.
    Oh and online is just.....im speechless.

    Thats me well and truely sick of pes (never ever thought id say that, never!). Dont seem to sound like a fan boy but it seems to have nose dived since its became multiplatform. Getting traded in for farcry 2 next week.

  8.  worst yet - from a massive fan


    Kings of leon have really lost their "coolness"
    I've been a fan since their first album came out and i have all of them but this one is pretty boring and has no edge to it. The first album had a great catchy "vintage" sound to it which was really fresh and funky at points but this new album is really slow, mellow and dull. Im really dissapointed. Almost every track could be from an episode of one tree hill or dawsons creek, honestly. I fear they have become very commercialised*spelling?.

  9.  laughable


    what a joke. i went to the cinema to see this (being a fan of war movies). and i almost walked out half way through. at one point during a massive "serious" battle everyone in the cinema laughed!
    the acting is rotten and the story is boring. every soldier thats killed seems to do a flying star jump while screaming aaarrrgghh. also at one point cristian slyter kung fu fights! its ww2!!!
    i know its john woo and he has his own ways of doing stuff but this had real potential to be good. but it sucks.

  10.  great but long!!


    great t shirt. i ordered a small which was still a bit too long for my liking. im 5ft 11" ish. if it was about 2" shorter it would get 5 stars.