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  1.  They just get better and better


    This is a tease this series. I now have them all. because they leave you wanting more, the other series all have six disc and are FAB.

    This is about a scientist called sam, who is travelling in time, from one person to another, and not always a person in one episode he ends up as a chimp! (little far fetched but deals with important issues) "puting right what once went wrong" This is a great partnership Sam a "boy scout" as Al Calls him and Al who just loves women.

    This has made me cry more than once, but it's good fun too. throughout all the series sam finds himself in some strange situations from being a Pregnant woman, Jet fighter pilot, Vetnam vet, black man in the south to being a KKK member in the forth series and sam always does whats right saving peopls lives sorting out injustice.

    They do not dry out of material they are well written and directed, and the shifts in time from 50s to 80s give them alot of scope.

    GREAT PROGRAM 5* buy them all great prices and worth every penny.

  2.  Can't Falt perfection


    I'm currantly at series 4 and just bought the 5th These are very well written and do not get repetitive, and I think on the whole I have enjoyed the third series the most.

    Good clean fun, a family that are in the west and where rain, or lack of it can break you. Charles is a farmer and he and his family have many trials, through out their faith is tested and there love for one another never fails.

    There are many subjects coverd like race, bulling, honesty poverty etc you cannot be offended by this wonderful series. The girls are growing and Mary has a young bow (you may have seen him in KUNG FU he's the young Kane with a bald head)

    There are many stars in this series like Johnny Cash if your in your mid 30s on this will bring back lots of memories and if your younger..... give it a go it's like nothing on TV today.

  3.  Healthy Food without the hard work!


    What I love about this book is not only the presentation on the eye, but on the ear as you read you can hear jamie's enthusiasum.

    I bought this book A) because the TV series was very good, and showed that these meals were simple and tasty meals that i could make every night of the week. B) because last year I began growing my own veg & fruit more veg than fruit. I enjoyed the whole experience of growing from seed to planning the garden and eventually eating the produce, and this book gave some good tips.

    Buy this book if you want to eat healthy every night of the week, but don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, or if you llike the idea of growing veg but don't know where to start (it's not a gardening book) However, it gives some helpful insights on how to get started with potatoes etc.

  4.  Moving, Breathtaking, a must see


    Many reviews have been written and I am not suprised, this film is all of the above title, Joe Wright has done a FANTASTIC job!

    The film doesn't end the expected way, making it even more beautiful, tradgic, watchable....

    Girls get your hankies out is a tear jerker!

  5.  Funny coming of age movie for the 40+


    This is such a funny film really I laughed out load in the cinema, (good job it was dark).

    And it didn't disappoint as a DVD (sometimes we buy a film after a cinema viewing and it's not as good) Like LOTR trilogy much better at the cinema. The fun these guys had spreads on to the screen you can tell they got on well I would of liked more outtakes on the extras ;)

    This is funny great acting and great story. Hollywood doesn't often get these things right but this is a cracker of a film for men & women alike

  6.  Short read, stays with you a life time


    This is a very short read, I read this as part of school work, and I was very moved.

    It only takes a couple of hours to read this novella, but the story therein will last you a life time. Steinbeck has a great way of using animals and nature in this book to identify with the characters.

    It has a very sad ending which, is mirrored with the dog in the book, if you don't know I wont spoil it for you.

    As with all Steinbeck very real you can almost taste the sweat and smell the dirt in the barn.

    exceptionally well written piece of work

  7.  In the Loo read


    I love Jeremy's outlook on life, I have this in my loo, as the chapters are short, so sometimes you may get through one and others two or three. I know discusting but it is really a good thing to take in the loo with you.

    If you take it on the train/bus at rush hour you will laugh out loud and thats more embarrasing.

    No topic is taboo and to look at his point of view is really funny, as he strips down to the basics, I'm not saying he's right often I think he's very wrong!

    It's called conversation, thats why its fun to talk about other peoples opinions isnt it?

    And you will never be short of material to discuss at any event with Jeremys book!

    Good laugh well writen.

  8.  Great family entertainment!


    If you take this film as it's ment you will really enjoy it. It's not supose to be realistic or even accurate, it's a don't think about it everything infront of you relax and enjoy film.

    This is an exciting ride, like going to alton towers, full of fun thrills and laughter.

    Nothing to offend the ears or eyes. Nicholas Cage wow! he can act just shows you give him the right material.... Justin Barther as funny side kick is very good.

    It's a great script and simply refreshing to see something good from disney apart from "pirates of the carribean" as they struggle these days to keep up.

    Anyway great family fun a must see and go and see the follow up, the storyline isn't as good but still entertaining none thinking movie

  9.  Good art house movie


    I bought this movie based on a review on play.com And thank you, "Pride of Manchester"

    This is a very moving film, a road movie with a difference in deed. Extreemly well acted by all, the dog included :) I felt a part of this journey. This film moves at a good pace, so you have time to take in the sceanery to evaluate what is going on around them.

    The vistas are all very beautiful and even the ones that are not, but they tell a story of a country thats has fought for indipendance. I felt, sadness & joy. They are a story in them selfves running along with the film, showing you the imotions of the characters not yet seen, and the hidden emotions of the grandfather, who does not know peace and why? you find out later.

    To sum up great acting great cinematography and definatly worth a watch

  10.  Proper Chick flick


    I really enjoyed this film, Kevin Costner is a very good actor with a sincer heart. You really believe he is going through the grief, pain and joy every step of the way.

    This is a moving story of love, determination and faith, of a man who no matter what people think he presses foward in his beliefes, this is so moving and you really are taken on the journey with him. Definate tear jerker.

    Alot of his films have a wonderful human factor, and can be watched by the family and will not offend this film doesn't disopoint.

    Top marks *****