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  1.  Outstanding


    This game is epic, Naughty Dog have really put a lot of effort into this game and it is amazing how unlike some franchises not only have they managed to produce one of these games each year but they have managed to make them better. I Fell in love with brotherhood but this is on a whole new level. New weapons, new combat and a new country. Apparently this is the last one until assassins creed 3 is released next year with a new character and a completely new setting. I think if you are sat there debating whether or not to buy this game.....just do it or you will be missing out on one of the most beautiful and exciting games of 2011, enjoy.

  2.  Dull


    This film was awful, it felt like it dragged on for days. The acting is shoddy and wooden. Gwyneth paltrow was wasted in her role. And i wouldn't reccomend this film to anyone. I have give it 2 stars mainly because of the special effects which are in all fairness fantastic. If you want to be bored...watch this!

  3.  Fantastic


    I would like to begin by mentioning that i am a massive horror/thriller fan and i have seen much scarier, disturbing, gory films than this, hostel and saw for example, so those of you who are saying it's too much too stomache clearly haven't seen a horror film before. This film tells a briliant and very realistic tale unlike some american films that potray something that would never happen, this scenario could happen to any single one of us. Everyone is also complaining about the ending. Life isn't full of happy endings and happily ever afters. The acting is fantastic and very genuine. Once i had finished watching this film it left me a little disturbed, confused and angry but all in a good way. I think this is a film for those who don't mind a little violence in a movie in order to portray a point and definitly for those with an open mind. I didn't give it 5 stars, the reason being...............well you will find out when you watch it....enjoy