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  1.  Upgraded


    I bought these to upgrade from the X1 and i have not been disappointed,these headphones are superb!!.The sound quality is excellcent,the headphones are light and very comfortable.The major fact for me was the absence of the "cables" that came with the X1,wireless is superb!!.The fact that 2 pencil batteries are needed is a minor concern but for sound,convenicence and just sheer quality these i highly recommend!!.Best thing is if you have the chat pad for your controller you can connect your headphones to it,where you could not with the X1s.They are simple to set up and are a total joy to have.
    Whats all so impressive for me it that you can connect them to a PS3 as well as a XBOX and you get fantastic sound quality,all though the mircophone seems "not to respond",but if you just to game on your own they are brilliant:).If you can strech to the price which is very reasonable for a great piece of kit,get them do not bother with the X1 and just get these!! sheer excellcence in design and thought,for XBOX/PS3 gaming these are superb!!.For the battries just get 2 rechargable pencil batteries,they last about 25 hours,brilliant!! brilliant!! brilliant!!.On-line chat as well is supeb!! you will find its other players have the problem now who still use the old mircosoft headset.
    I bought mine through PLAY.com and received them within 2 days,set them up in 2 mins and was away!!.Thank you Turtle beach for giving us gamers something acutally worth paying for!! money very well spent!!.Also they feel and look "quality" and "sturdy" rather than some that are cheap and flimsy.Go on treat yourself!!.

  2.  Yorkshire40


    (Please note shooter fan at heart)

    I bought this as a complete change of pace for myself from always buying/playing first person shooters,and for me its excellcent!!.I like the story line,graphics are superb!!,brilliant game.Combat is well worked out for me at least.The combat flows very well and the effects are stunning,the story is to rescue your lost love from hell and hell looks like hell,the walls where souls are trapped is done really brilliantly,all the wailing and suffering is superb.You feel like you are in another realm!!.Theres nakedness,demons,devils,ghouls,(just like a friday night out!!),the upgrade system is for combat/holy powers and such things,its easy enough to use though.What made me buy this was the fact its the team behind "Dead Space"one of the best sci-fi horror games ever.
    I am very happy with this game and with downloadable content being added,you can play co-op and design your own levels.The only down side for me is the camera,i would have liked to have been able to move around/see more of hell!!,because theres seems to have been alot of work gone into it.Apart from that completely happy with Dantes inferno.

  3.  "To Marmite or not to marmite"


    I had read/seen bad reviews of this game,saying it was buggy and very flawed and complicated.This completely put me off from buying it,until i saw it on here for under a tenner,so i bought it.Being a RTS fan anyway,receiving it today i start to play it and followed through the training program and learnt what "whipping" was,while waiting to be disappointed i was totally surprised at how good the game is.Given time and thought the game works very well and the "quick whipping" system was for me superb,i which this had been thought of before saves trying to find all your forces on a map with a mouse.Its like having "quick keys" really but with one swift button/right stick i really thought this was a brilliant design idea.
    Seeing as the game was from "creative assembly" the lads have approached RTS from a new perspective and i think it works really well.The game is designed to be a tactical approach to RTS rather than rushing in to destory the enemy base!!,please give the game a chance and work with it rather than against it,C&C while brilliant in its own way,never moved the genre on or experimented with anything new,stormrise does this for me.While the RTS is there the game makes you think about attack and defence which in my book rates very high.
    The graphics are certainly not superb,but i can see where all the work went ie pathfinding,i found myself really not putting these under to much strain,for me they conjure up the atmosphere needed and i am happy with that.Sound is also fine and again it works,story is nuclear war/survivors/waring races,enviromental plague but all in all great fun.
    As i play more of this game,it for me gets better and i shall where it leads me,up to now though its "once more into the breach".Also when i loaded the game up on my 360 there was an update which seemed to help and i had heard of a major update beening released.
    So please at the price thats its beening offered at its a complete bargain!! for myself i have found a little gem,while not all is gold,i will take silvver as second.So to sum up its like "marmite" some will some wont.

  4.  Carbo Mango


    Having not played any of the games (shooter fan),i bought the 360 game "silent hill home coming" which i thought was was good and to be honest i am enjoying.I thought i should get the film and see what all the fuss is about.
    Not expecting anything great/brilliant/ or well made (most game/movie tie ins are awful (coughs "DOOM").I was very impressed with this film and i loved the whole colourless feel to the film,some of the acting as in Sean Beans case was acceptable,as i felt his character was on the side lines for most of the film,and there was not much for him to do,except to serve as an
    opposite to his wife.
    Watched without "a critical eye from a gamers point of view" this is a very entertaining horror film.The monsters/creatures/demons are superb,watch the special features for more!!.I did not know the lead character was changed from a man (in the game) to a lead woman in the film,but to me this made little difference and really does not affect the film at all.It was nice to see "Alice Krige" who was outstanding as the Borg queen.The fact that fresh unknown actors (to me any way) were used was refreshing,excellcent film and one i will watch again.
    Nice to see a fresh perspective of "HELL" and one more disturbing than fire and brimstone.All in all a film i would recommened if either a horror fan or gamer.

  5.  Ear force X1


    Outstanding either for 360 or pc gaming,(i need to buy another pair so has not to keep changing over).sound quality is brilliant and speech over the 360 is vastly improved rather than the earpiece provided by mircosoft,which i had been using:(.light weight and they fitted fine:).the wires i had read about were not really a problem and once setup you will have no problems.best thing is i run my 360 on a monitor rather than tv,and the headphones fitted the monitor cable (the red and white jacks would fit into speakers) .supplied by mircosoft so no problems there.
    Playing "gears of wars 2" or "fallout 3" is brilliant there are little sounds i had not heard before,weapons have a base to them which is brilliant!!."cod 4" is brilliant its like playing a new game in some respects,for "battlefield bc" i cannot recommended these highly enough!!.
    "Brilliant price,brilliant product".you will certainly feel immersed in the game play,for late night gaming these are the best thing ever!!.can really express the fun these headphones have provided me with gaming,thank you "turtle beach".
    I am glad that turtle beach make these for us gamers,knowing what we need and desire!!.shall be ordering again from play,as the great service is outstanding and received my headphones within 3 days:) just stunning finally a company waking up to the fact gamers need gamer companies.
    Again thank you "play.com" and "turtle beach".