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  1.  Terrific Tunguska Files


    This is an excellent point and click adventure game, with lots of good puzzles, combinations of inventory and cut scenes. This game reminds me of the 'Broken Sword' games - which in my opinion are classic excellent games for their time. I love this game and would definately purchase the sequel if one were to be made. Probably the best game i've played on the wii so far!

  2.  Point and Click Conumdrum!


    This is a point and click game which you play the main character - Naracotte who has been stranded on the island when the killings start happening. It is an interesting game but slightly annoying as not too many puzzles.

  3.  A lovely heartwarming film!


    The film was better than expected. I loved the characters, the story, the good looking cast. This film is a definate romantic-comedy. I loved it. A bit sad at times and left a few questions lingering but an excellent film.

  4.  Sweeney Todd - Musical Masterpiece


    Sweeney Todd is a musical Masterpeice. I didnt quite expect singing throughtout the whole film but it worked very well. You can definately tell Tim Burton directed this film. The set is very dark and adds excellence to the film. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter made the roles their own and their brilliance prevails.

  5.  Skins Summons Success


    Skins is a very enjoyable realistic series that provides a glimpse into student's college years and the social life surrounding it, this includes; friendships, drinking, parties, drugs and sexual experiences. The main characters are interesting with great storylines. Skins also has quite a dark side to it which will keep you wanting to watch more!

  6.  Excellent series! A must see.


    I had seen a few previews of Jericho before i started watching the series, the previews were good but in no way prepared me for the must-see series that i was to start watching.
    Jericho is an excellent drama with a great story and excellent acting skills. It has ups and downs which will keep you gripped. Jericho is very realistic and scary in that respect. All in all, It is the best series i've seen in a long time. Shame there aren't more episodes in the second series.