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  1.  *Head in hands*


    Not again! What the hell has happened with Spyro? The PS1 games were brilliant, had fun levels and good storylines, and everything thats been spat out after the PS1 has been a complete letdown.
    I've bought all the Spyro games for the DS so far, in the hope that at least one will be somewhat like the original, but sadly, it's totally changed. No more of the simplistic controls and battles, we go from fire breath to electric breath, ice breath... when will it end? Its becoming like flipping Pokemon.
    The games have gone gradually downhill, and I can safely say this is the last Spyro DS game I'll be buying. The story line is boring, the characters are irritating, the controls are frustrating, and it's sad that such a great PS1 game has come to this.

  2.  Uuuurgh... Another cooking game


    Did we really need another? Cooking mama, hells kitchen, cake mania... The list goes on. Sadly, this game totally lacks what made the others so much fun. Theres no time limit, no different ingredients... You just basically make bread. Several times. Its impossible to fail at anything, theres no challenge here whatsoever, and its unbelievably repetitive. Two stars for the super-adorable graphics, but theres not much else appealing about this game. I also got a bit sick of watching a smug looking oven (yes, really) dance about. Wouldn't recommend it.

  3.  Poke Her Face


    I love lady gaga. I think she's a wee bit of a legend, and Pokerface remains to this day one of my favourite songs. Her songs are all brilliantly catchy, and she's totally original. I will stand by my opinion though, that not all the songs on this album are as good as the one's she has so far released. There are a few completely amazing tracks, and a few fillers. All in all though, its worth buying.

  4.  Brilliant in 3D


    I'm eighteen, and I thought this was one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time. I went to the cinema to see it twice, and even though it cost 9 quid or so each time, it was so worth it. The 3D was brilliant, and there were loads of genuinely funny moments in it. Absolutely loved the Monsters, thought they were great, especially Insectasaurus :) and the story line was really fun. I hope they bring the DVD out in 3D too, although even if they don't, its a must buy film. :) Love it.

  5.  Good Lord! A murdering miner is pick-axing people!


    The stuff of nightmares, the stuff that keeps us awake at night! A MURDEROUS MINER! Realistically, the whole idea behind this film (see above) should have stopped me from walking through the doors of the cinema to see this. However, I'd never seen a film in 3D before, and it was on my to-do-before-I-die list. I payed 9.20 to see it (yes, really. Who remembers the days of 3 quid cinema tickets?). The 3D wasn't so much used to make the film scarier / more realistic / make the absolutely terrifying (debatable) guy in a miners suit (??) jump out at you, it was more a cheap gimmick to sell a movie with shabby acting and the usual story line about the group of teenagers getting murdered. I give it two stars! Simply because of the woman in it who had the guts to have her completely naked body shown in 3D. Yes. Really.

  6.  Addictive fun


    I actually really loved this game. I have Imagine Weddings too, which didn't impress me at all, so I was geniunely surprised when I played this. As the other reviewers mentioned, as you go along and become a better doctor you unlock new equipment, and can diagnose all sorts of different illnesses. It's not just about healing people though, there's a nice wee story line going on at the same time that keeps you interested. You get several hours of gameplay out of this, and its definitely one of the better DS games I've bought. The graphics are really cute too. Highly recommended :)

  7.  My Boyfriend...


    I'm not feeling this game at all. I know the DS graphics aren't ever the most jaw dropping out there, but the graphics in this were just plain lazy. Its extremely complicated getting around the "world", and the tasks you need to do to get a VERY small amount of money are repetitive and boring (think washing a car twenty times just to get a new skirt). Perhaps worst of all, is the fact you get the feeling the guys you are chasing after are complete idiots, as you merrily change everything about yourself in order to "win the affections" of someone who isn't bothered about your character from the offset (I wasn't allowed to watch my character play in his band until purchasing aforementioned skirt). Summed up, it seems like a very poor rip off of the Sims, and its waaaaay too complicated for young girls, who seem to be the games target audience.

  8.  Waste of money


    I'm glad that I'm not the only person who got this thinking it would be a bit of a laugh, and then felt totally let down when I found I had completed it within an hour. Theres not a proper game either really, you just do the same things six times over. Its a really good idea, but the game doesn't actually live up to the expectations I had at all.Even a five year old girl would get bored with this quickly. I wish I'd read the other reviews on here before wasting £20 on this, but I didn't. The other reviews are very accurate, so you might want to read those too if you're thinking of buying it.

  9.  DO....NOT....WATCH!


    Seriously! I've never walked out the cinema before this film. I thought it couldn't get much worse than the first five minutes... it did. I didn't even snigger once in the whole painful hour I sat there. If you have the sense of humour of a three year old - maybe you'll enjoy it. But this just cannot be classed as comedy. The only way I'd recommend it is if you want to see possibly the worst film to be released in decades. You can't truly understand how bad this is until you watch it. It's bad. Real bad.

  10.  Found it hard to stay "awake" during this...


    I'm getting good at the "pun-title" thing...

    One word for this movie. Predictable. You see it all coming. Nothing special. In fact, pretty much nothing, full stop. A lot of surgery, and people talking while doing surgery, and more surgery, oh and he's being cut open... and theres people talking while he gets cut open. *Yawn*

    Rather nice ending. But not much else going on. Wouldn't bother.

    Went to the cinema to see this and tried to get my money back because it was so terrible. Failed. Will get revenge on the producers by making sure noone else buys this poor excuse of a "thriller".