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  1.  Fantastic!


    Given these are almost 4/5 years old you'd think these are terrible. The truth is that these are STILL setting the bar, in terms of sound quality, weight, durability and looks (in my opinion). These "cans" produce amazing quality (low's, mid's bass) considering its "flimsy" and "thin" look contrasted to the big-bulky DJ style headsets.

    A huge benefit is the "open-ear" system since it doesn't insulate noise from outside. It allows a much richer and dynamic listen. HOWEVER - the trade off is, these are pretty poor at noise-isolation from the outside. On public transport you can hear the train etc. I only listen to these at home (have Shure SE210 for outside) since they produce a more dynamic sound.

    The real issue is usage - where are you going to use these? if outside, and sound-isolation isn't a factor (perhaps your cycle, so you NEED to hear the outside) than these are perfect. If however you need to BLOCK sound, these are poor - and you should look elsewhere.

    Highly Recommended.

  2.  Amazing - but tight clamp!


    For the price, the quality excels. The mid's and high's are really good considering this "DJ" headphones, and can be arguably used for general usage since it produces great quality.

    For the bass-heavy fans, this pair of headphones is amazing. The bass isn't too muddy, seeping into the music, but refined. Very comfortable to wear as well (after having to stretch out the headpiece, place it on a ball or small box to do this).

    The major problem for me is that its too tight! I don't think I have a large head, I can only wear it for 30mins or so. Great shame, since it has really good audio quality.

  3.  Superb brand you can trust


    If you feel you don't want to risk purchasing an unknown, or little known brand, you can always turn to Sandisk. Got mine in the post today, brilliant memory card, fits tons of pictures (9mpx Canon SX110) so very pleased.

    Widely acclaimed memory card for performance (high speed) and durability for digital cameras, so following that trend.

  4.  Must buy


    It's a great must have item to have. The vibration is very strong and responsive, and brings games alive! (like Call of Duty etc) makes the game much more immersive.

  5.  Must buy


    This game is truly a classic. The RPG elements are great, satisfying levelling up and GREAT combat framework. MUST BUY!

  6.  Awful film


    This is a terrible film. I don't understand why Cage signed up for this. His performance is dire, it's simply "dead" with no emotion or character development worth noticing. The film is slow, there is no real action or an action film - stay away!

  7.  Great case!


    I've always wanted a brown leather case, this fits the bill! Build quality is great, insider the case is a soft velour feel for the phone to sit in. The fit is very nice and snug, not some "generic" case for the N82.

    Only issue the back. It has a fixed pin/plug you attach your belt clip on. Personally I removed it with a pair of pliers, and sanded it down to get a smooth feel!

  8.  Amazing


    This is excellent. It has two functions, firstly has a hard inner case to protect the iPod from serious knocks and drops. Layered on top is real leather, which provides a nice tactile and classy feel to the iPod.

    I previously had a clear hard case by the same company, general handling of the case would scratch the case. This wouldn't happen with the new leather case due to the material. Also has a integrated screen protector due to the hard case (no click wheel protection though).

    Overall highly recommended. Adds slight bulk - however the Nano is so slim that this doesn't matter (and for me I prefer the added bulk!).

  9.  Scratches after a while!


    At first when it's brand new it looks simply amazing, the way the screen is smoked and hidden is great and gorgeous to look at.

    However, there are down points as well. Firstly you have to put the contrast up quite a bit, 80% for general usage or 100% for movies, and still has a slight black tint to it. Also, it's very annoying having this for a week that scratches have appeared (even after general normal handling) and now it's affecting its once gem-stone appearance to now a battered rock.

    Great while it lasts for the screen, however depending on how you treat your iPod it depends.

  10.  Must buy!


    My previous pair of Shure's was the model E2C, and they were an excellent pair of earphones. As always, Shure delivers the goods with their electronics.

    Compared to the E2C, the SE210 surpasses it. There is more bass, but refined and tight. It isn't muddy so you can hear the mid's and high's of the song, whilst enjoying the low's. At this kind of price, its a steal.

    Sound isolation is amazing, listening on a plane, or tube and it eliminates all the background noise, saving on battery and not damaging your ears! (But be careful crossing roads, or other busy areas)

    Highly Recommended.