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  1.  One of the best British films ever made


    Words cannot describe. Best acting performance of all time and a ridiculous, wonderful story. Hardy is an acting beast. Notoriously hard to find in shops, so get it now and quote it forever.

  2.  Incredibad.


    I was an ideal candidate to read this book. Always wanted to do so. I was told that as a (recently-ex) teenager who hates almost everything that I would see myself in Holden Caulfield. I did not. I saw a whiny, hypocritical idiot with no positive attributes. He hates so many things, and unlike myself, does not seem to have a particular reason. He complains about others when they do annoying things....which he also does. He complains when someone says a word. He complains for the entire book. I almost threw the book in the bin, and I treat books like royalty. Incoherent, boring waste of the poor trees that were killed to make it. I may burn my copy. In the top 5 worst books I have ever read.

  3. Primal



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    Yes, it has aged. What hasn't?! No game stands up exactly in its' prime as in its' twilight years. But Primal still looks lovely and plays great. Original, brilliant and darker than a shadow's sock. Jen is also HAWT.

  4.  MASSIVE shock.


    I will say one thing to begin: I HATE Twilight. I think Twilight is the worst thing to happen to literature....and film....and culture....and the world....in a long time. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a better read. Non-related intro? No. I have mentioned this as hating Twilight and the nonsense that vampire-culture has become has allowed me to be completely unbiased to begin my review. The lack of bias did not last long upon viewing. Why? Because True Blood is sensational. Everything I expected it to be was destroyed instantly. My distaste for modern vampirism? Gone. My unreasonable dislike for Anna Paquin? Gone. I am massively cynical as a person and True Blood made me think: Oh shut up and enjoy it. The show is surprising in many ways. I expected Twilight but with graphic sex scenes. What I saw was modern. Hilarious. Original. Admirable. A hurricane of awesomeness......with graphic sex scenes! The biggest surprise was the comedy. True Blood is very VERY funny. Not constantly of course being a drama but the whole thing is serious yet still very tongue-in-fanged-cheek. The characters are wonderful and the writing is superb. And for a tenner? Are you kidding me? I cannot praise this series enough. Almost as good as Dexter and Firefly. Please do not hold off as long as I did because of your expectations of tweener-nonsense. Take the leap and drown yourself in the sea of blood. You will thank me. Eric Northman is my deity.

  5.  Impaled by its' own idiocy.


    "Less is more". Common phrase. I wish the creators of Bayonetta had listened to this. The game is atrocious. My true feelings cannot be uttered in this review as they could be seen as "offensive". The graphics are the only above-poor element of the entire game. Gameplay is erratic and overly-difficult and music is charming at first but becomes repetitive literally within a few minutes. But the worst bits? The voice-acting and script. You know when foreign films are dubbed incorrectly and the plot becomes incoherent? This is worse. Characters are so idiotic that I wanted to slap them for most of the game. It seems like the creators were ignoring the genius of Devil May Cry and God of War and were intentionally trying to sink to the subterranean depths of Ninja Gaiden. Heck, Ninja Gaiden is actually BETTER! Shocking. Another terrible fact is that the game is useless at everything. As a hack/slash action adventure? Bad. But the single motorcycle level? Possibly the worst level in the history of gaming.To conclude, this game is not only horrific, disastrous, abominable and beastly, it is also utter garbage. Avoid like the plague unless you like unoriginal and boring adventures with a low-IQ Sarah Palin lookalike.

  6.  Life changing


    To the guy (or lady) who said about the "summoning failure".

    You obviously missed the point of the book. Although the first half is about how to change your life or to be a better person, the second half (Rituals) is obviously one of two things:

    a) An activity to undertake for fun
    b) A parody.

    There are no such thing as demons. You obviously didn't read the book properly.


    The review:

    This book stays with me wherever I go, mainly just so I can pull it out and scare prudish people. It didn't change my life massively as I have been living it, even before I heard of it. However, for someone who is looking for the path to self-happiness, buy this. It's less than 4 quid, you cheapskate! ;)

  7.  Hangover? More like a natural high.


    Absolutely fantastic. Not only is The Hangover extremely funny, but it is also something that most other comedies fail to be. A good movie. The characters are massively likeable and have phenomenal chemistry, the dialogue is witty and the performances are insane.

    If you do not buy this, you are making one of the worst entertainment decisions you could make. Final thoughts are two words;


  8.  Average - Don't believe the hype!


    I beg you, do not listen to the emo fangirls who make up 80% (or more) of the reviewers of this book. 'Twilight' is not a bad book by a long shot. But it does not, however, stand out in any way, shape or form. Shakespeare this is not. But if you are looking for a quick, throwaway read (and don't mind a bit of romantic nonsense), this can be found enjoyable. If there is a choice between this and something staggering like Stephen King or George R. R. Martin, always choose the latter. If you ever have some spare time on your hands, however, you could do much worse.

  9.  Masterpiece


    Crushingly heavy. Astonishingly beautiful. One of the greatest metal albums of all time. Laid To Rest is a metal anthem that should be hailed as genius. Phenomenal.

  10.  In the running for the best RPG of all time


    I have to be honest, i was hoping this would be good, but not expecting it. I mean, after the amazing games that were Dragon Quest and Dark Chronicle, Level-5 couldn't do it again.......could they? Oh yes.

    Graphics are cel-shaded, but beautiful and vibrant
    Music and voice acting are great - music especially
    Gameplay is even better that Dark Chronicle - outstanding
    Lifespan: At least 50 hours - maybe 100hours if you want 100%

    Is this game as good as Final Fantasy X? No. But then again, no game is. Is it close? YES! This game is EASILY in the top 5 best RPGs EVER! BUY IT NOW! :D