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    Fallout 3 is brillant, to say it's better than Oblivion is hard, so lets not talk about that, I got the Collector's Edition on christmas morning, and as I was tired, i just stuck on the DVD, that came with it, 1 hour long, brillant! like watching PlayR for an hour only about Fallout and Oblivion, the bobble head rocks, its worth the money!

  2.  Ok but...,


    The colision detection isn't as good as the vaders, i have vader and yodas but yoda is very light and perfect for children, I love vaders, it has a lower sound than yodas, so each has its flaws!

  3.  Family Guy at its best!


    I watch Family Guy the odd time, I'm not as in to it as my mates are, but when I heard they were "spoofing" my favorite movie ever, I knew I had to see it, and it was one of the best spoofs I have ever seen! Laughs all the way, and now you can watch it when your out of the house on your PSP! 5/5!

  4.  Army of Two Hours!


    I was really dissapointed with this game, I traded The Orange Box in to get this, and I am not messing, I finished it in about 2-3 hours on NORMAL! Also, there was no new masks came availble to buy once you finished the game and so far, no new paint jobs of the guns as well! The only thing that is SOMEWHAT good about hte game is that the game is good crack when you have your mates round playing multiplayer, enough said!

  5.  Well Worth It!


    BradyGames always made good guides, they throw in a bit of humour while giving you a fully detailed way to finish a mission as easy and quick as possible, this one even gives you a pull out map to where to find the "Most Wanted" criminals and "Flying Rats"!

  6. Skate



    13 New from  £14.23  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.75

     Heaven is a halfpipe!


    I am a skater, but I always thought Tony Hawks games played too hard, but that video games! but this is sooo much better, and it is realistic, I just love hiting halfpipes!

  7.  Dead Man Walking!


    This game has sooooo many mixed reviews, I just can't believe people think this isn't good! Sure this game has its bad points, but don't all of them! The game got a little sucky after it went all commando, but I just love the story and gameplay and so do my mates at school! Edios had high hopes for this game, and I did too, and I think I was well rewarded! This is my favorite game so far, and I sure hope Edios don't scrap the sequel!

  8.  Below Freezing Point!


    Forget what other reviews say, (at the end of the day, it's a matter of opinion) but this game is brillant! the graphics are the SAME as the xbox360,the story is great, but don't rebuy if you finished it for 360! I did, but all you get is Mega Man,Frank West (Bring Deadrising to PS3 Capcom!) and some solder for online mode! I brought it just because of Mega Man and I think it is worth it, but that is because I love Capcom! If you are as crazy as me, sell the xbox version first!

  9.  F.E.A.Rless!


    Sure the graphics could be better, but at least its better than PS2! Gameplay is good fun and the storyline and setting had me weting myself! Imaging walking down the hallway, you blink, next thing the're is a paranormal little girl in your face! You would have to be fearless not to be afraid! Anyways, this game is highly enjoyable and is one of my top 5, it loses a star because of the graphics, but hopefully, Project Origin will make up for that!

  10.  Great.....but short!


    I played the demo, liked it, so I got the game like everybody else would! Finished it.... Well I thought the gameplay was great! but the story line was too short. I recomened doing normal just like you did with Halo 3, if you do easy you'll fly through it in 4-6 hours! so do normal, because unless your a BIG and I MEAN BIG fan, you might not want to come back!