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  1.  Absolutely brilliant


    I went to see Bill live in Nottingham and i can honestly say this is his best show yet, i was laughing the whole way through. The new material he has come up was is perfect and even the older stuff thats been given a tune up has been given a whole new level of funny.

    I already own cosmic jam, bewilderness and part troll and cant wait to add tinselworm to my collection!

  2.  Warning: watching may induce fits of uncontrolable laughter


    funny, hilarious, amazing, witty, side-splitting, funny again, then a bit more amazing.

    Bill Bailey is my all time favourite comedian, i was lucky enough to see him live and that will be something i remember for the rest of my life.

    He is pure melodic genious and once you start watching you will imediately see why he is one of the best comedians EVER!

    Music + Comedy = Hilarity!!!

  3.  The most addicting game since ......


    Well ok i cant think of a more addicting game, this game should not be as much fun as it is!

    What you do is build a garden and try and get some cool creatures to live in it, now that does not sound to exciting but i can gaurantee when you pick up the control to play this it will be a long time until you put it down again.

    This is a good game for people of all ages and is great for just kicking back and relaxing, something where you dont have bullets whizing past your head.

    Definately one of my favourite games!!

  4.  A good RTS game


    This is probably my favourite rts game on the 360, the graphics are great and you get a large selection of factions and units, it has very balanced gameplay but all the sides still feel unique.

    The only thing i dont like about this game is that the campaigns are quite short and the controls can be a little bit iffy at times.

    If you want a good rts game then look no further!

  5.  Probably my favourite pc star wars game


    The mission are fun and challenging and the ability to create your own campaignd is a very nice touch, an excellent game for it's time.