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  1.  Okayish!


    The thing and probably the only thing i like about this is the cut scenes and the visuals in them and the personal touches with his family, although the story isn't anything special and its very short. As for the gameplay its much of the same old thing what we have already seen in any other fps game. The graphics in gameplay fall a little short and and the a.i is terrible, they take cover but they dont move with any intelligence all you have to do is walk around the wall their hiding behind and shoot them the gameplay is pretty average in all honesty, if you want a challenge play battlefield. As for the MP its very glitchy and doesnt flow well at all. and the graphics once again are rubbish. The killcam is annoying as well and theres nothing new if anything their last game was alot better i just feel they've rush this game to make money over the Xmas period. Its not the worst game ive played but its definitely not doing anything for me. I dont even like Cod but id get it over this anyday of the week. Id stick with Battlefield 3 for an enjoyable experience.

  2.  One of the best modern day mc's.


    Kendrick Lamar first hit the scene with an amazing album named Section 80, which he gained alot of respect for so obviously with this second effort he had alot of pressure on him to keep the high standards. And if anything hes outdone himself this album is perfection. the thing i like about this guy the most is he has all the elements of my favourite rappers and mixes them all together which makes the recipe which creates a very nice mc and a force to be reckoned with. All the songs are alot longer then Section 80 and obviously have better production which i thought wasnt possible, also this might only have 12 songs but lets be honest quality is better than quantity, however there is a deluxe edition with the songs Recipe feat Dre, Black boy fly and Now or never feat Mary J.Blige. Definitely worth a listen if you enjoy Hiphop with substance and conscious songs.

  3.  Food and liquor 2 The Great American Rap Album part one.


    After Food and Liquor, The cool, Lasers and now this beautiful masterpiece. I can honestly say Lupe has cemented his place as one of the g.o.a.t's of Hiphop. He has definitely earned the right to compare himself as one of the greatest and walk amongst them. The beats overall are all totally unique and soulful in other words proper Hiphop beats. Obviously one of the beats is a sample of Pete rock's and C.L smooth's Troy. Now for the lyrics this is the most lyrical album since Nas's. He touches on alot of relevent topics, and the production is amazing. Lupe is at his best if your new to Lupe this would be a good time to start listening to his music. The album isnt huge on big name features but who he does feature are surprisingly good. This definitely isnt your typical commercialised rap album where rappers just rap about meaningless rubbish to put it simply This is the great American rap album. Lupe please carry on doing what you do cause you do it so well. youve already left us a legacy please don't retire.

  4.  Nasty is back too his best


    Nas has always been an excellent rapper in my opinion and he impresses once again. I don't personally think anyone out there at the moment stands a chance at topping this album. Hopefully this review will get posted unlike my other one, play.com are so annoying.

  5.  Frank Ocean is a revolutionary artist!


    Frank Ocean is a fairly knew artist, he first hit the music scene with a project called Nostalgia which got the attention of alot of people. He's has also done a song with Tyler the creater named She. He's also wrote songs for some of the most popular singers in the charts today. But the latest thing he has done which helped him progress to fame even more is the work he did with Jay Z and Kanye West on Watch the throne he featured on two songs called No Church In the Wild and made in america. But this album is of course his latest effort and all im going to say is it is fantastic, an very different to what any other artist is doing i recommend checking the guy out. His features are very good also who are John Mayer, Earl Sweatshirt who is in the same group as him odd Future, Andre 3000 and tyler the creater sorry if i have missed anybody. This album is currently number 2 in the charts he sadly didn't quite make number 1 as he was up against another well liked artist. Its definitely worth a listen.

  6.  Good but.


    Good story action and the two actors are good, Noel Clarke and James D,arcy its just a shame the rest are rubbish. But decent storyline and very gritty and it keps you watching. I dont get the other guys review id definitely buy this film.

  7.  Complete let down.


    This game falls short of what you would expect from a game coming out in the 21st century. The graphics are rubbish to say the least, the glitches are ridiculous i saw a crow perched on mid air. And the voice acting isn't even in time how this game has been released in such a terrible state i don't understand. From the case you expect a Assasins Creed or Skyrim style game what you get is nothing close. Now for the physical side the fighting is completely ridiculous ive seen PS One games with better physics. The only reason for two stars is based upon it being a new game company which saves one star as they are clearly not experienced yet. and the second is because the story kind of saves it notice i say kind of its still very linear and doesn't have much emotion. So basically a game which falls short. It has one good point and even that isn't anything amazing.

  8.  Very good game


    My last review didn't go through. Play.com sort it out. Ignore the bad reviews because tbh they are inaccurate cause you can throw grenades and there's people saying it's just good graphics, and that the gameplay isn't that good, which baffles me as this is the best gameplay that's been in a game for years. I put it down to people trolling as anyone with half a braincell know Rockstar never fail to impress. Get this game it has amazing graphics story and gameplay. Anyone who slags off a game for having nice graphics shouldn't even be reviewing thats one the main elements of a game!

  9.  Based on singles.


    All the singles are amazing and usually his less well known songs are even better so this album should and will be top notch.

  10.  Okay nothing special.


    Tbh i bought this game cause i was thinking it would be a big improvement on the first game but no its the same old stuff. The best thing they have added is the submission system. But the training is way too hard and the entrances aren't even needed there just cheesy. And the graphics has stayed the same. I wish i had bought the latest fight night. UFC is just OTT violence which don't take any skill. And the American accents are so annoying. Waste of money. Just get the first UFC Cause it'll be cheaper and basically exactly the same.