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  1.  Wrestlemania at its best.


    Wrestlemania 21 was very good with the HBK- Kurt Angle match the best, while the Batista - Triple H , JBL- John Cena and Undertaker- Randy Orton matches were very good and entertaining aswell all in all a very good Wrestlemania

  2.  Not one of the great Wrestlemania events but not bad either.


    Watched Wrestlemania 24 live on sky in march and just thought it did not live up to the hype it promoted especially the triple threat wwe championship match which was heavily promoted but was very short, the best matchof the event had to be the Ric Flair retirement match against HBK , Shawn Michaels steals the show every year at Wrestlemania with this year being no different The Big Show Floyd Mayweather match was a let down basically because Maweather hardly did anything the whole match with lots of outside intererence , the main event apart from the HBK - Flair match wasthe only other contest on the card that livedup to its prematch expectation with edge performing very well against the undertaker. Not the greatest Wrestlemania but will probally still buy it on DVD when its released.

  3.  One of the best Wrestlemanias in recent years.


    Wrestlemania 22 from Chicago Illinois , I thought was one of the best wrestlemanias of the new millenium because it consistently had good matches unlike the next years Wrestlemania 23. Mick foley versus Edge , HBK versus Vince Mcmahon , The Undertaker versus Mark Henry ,Kurt Angle versus Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton and finally the main event Triple H versus John Cena were all very good matches with 2 or 3 others good aswell

  4.  Not the best wrestlemania but enjoyable.


    Wrestlemania 23 from Detroit Michigan was a very good Wrestlemania with the hbk versus cena main event probally stealing the show , with the undertaker- batista match a close second, but matches like the melina - ashley womens championship match were a waste of time having a 5 minute match at the biggest wrestling event of the year is pointless and the woman wrestling has become very poor.

  5.  Good but overrated and slow


    I thought American Gangster was a good gangster flick but very slow and i bought the extended edition which was 2hrs 50 mins far to long for a film which takes about 1hr 20 mins to really get going

  6.  Better than expected .


    I bought Eastern Promises on dvd because I heard it was good but it surprised me with how really good it was. Great acting great story and Viggo Mortensens Russian accent is so realistic. I really think he was unlucky not to win the oscar for best actor

  7.  One of the best British films of all time.


    I thought The Business was a great Gangster film looking back at the popularity of the cocaine empire beginning in the 80s and great performances from Danny Dyer as Frankie, Tammer Hassan as Charlie and Geoff Bell as the deranged Sammy

  8.  Fantastic movie.


    Scent of a woman is a execellent movie about triumph and the story of a retired army sergeant who is blind and his companion who is a teenager who accompanies him on a long weekend trip to New York City, brilliant movie and Al Pacino thoroughly deserved his first and so far only Best Actor award at the Oscars.

  9.  Good but quite average.


    I just got back from the pictures after seeing Vantage Point and thought it was a decent enough film but it was quite annoying because the film kept going back to the same scene but from the points of views from 6 different characters.

  10.  Best movie of the century so far.


    I though that Gladiator was a fantastic film with a great plotline about an old and weak emperor Marcus Aerulius played by Richard Harris who chooses his general (Maximus) Russell Crowe over his jealous son (Commodus) Joaquin Phoenix who murders his father and orders the execution of Maximus and his family and he eventually escapes, but is captured as a slave and forced to be a Gladiator for the amusement of the Rome crowd.