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  1.  The Bish


    I saw The Bish at the recording of this gig in Liverpool, and he has surpassed himself. I, and the rest of the theatre, laughed our socks off, and continued laughing all the way home, and probably into the next day. John Bishop is a naturally funny man and he can read his audience well. I personally he is fabulous. I pre-ordered this DVD the night I arrived home from the Liverpool Arena after watching The Bish Live. There are not enough stars for him, I would put 15.

  2.  SG:1 Season 10


    Once again, SG:1 save humanity. Season 10 is as brilliant as the previous 9 seasons, the writing, special effects and of course, the actors, are all fantastic. It is sad to say goodbye to this sci-fi show, I have enjoyed every single episode. Thankfully, I can watch them anytime I want on the DVD's. Thank you for entertaining us with your wonderful imagination.

  3.  Brilliant


    This is a brilliant movie. When we first saw it, I cried, it was such a sad story, but also, strangely, happy. Tim Roth is a genius.

  4.  Exciting


    I have watched every episode of this nail-biting drama, and I would tell anyone who is in doubt of buying it, do it now!!!!! Tim Roth is one of the finest actors I have ever seen, and he makes you believe he can read your expressions.

  5.  Spellbinding


    I have just finished the trilogy of Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials. I love fantasy books, and this was a book filled with it, from the very first page right through till the end. The story of Lyra and her adventures in her own universe and friends that she finds from similar universes, is so compelling that I could not put the book down. If you are looking for a good book, I suggest you try this trilogy, I can tell you now, you will not be dissapointed.

  6.  Brilliant


    I have to say that this season is probably the best of all. The girl's are all brilliant, but Carlos' niece is a catty article, and Gabby fight's back, good on you honey. The nice surprise is the gorgeous John 'Captain Jack' Barrowman, phew, sexxxyyy. Please can we have lot's more Desperate Housewives, and some more sexy 'house husbands', except the late 'Mary Alices' widow, nasty man!!!!!

  7.  Sci-fi fantastic


    I saw this movie at the cinema and I thought it was fantastic. I love sci-fi movies and this is up there with the likes of Star Trek and Stargate:SG1 and Atlantis. The special effects are brilliant so are the actors. Is this what the end of the world will be on 21-12-2012?

  8.  family heaven


    This is a lovely story about a minister and his family. They face the every day things that are thrown to them with courage and as a real family should be. It is so refreshing to see this lovely family story.

  9.  Wonderful


    Such a captivating story, I could not put this book down and I read it in one day. I felt as though I was in Auntie Flo's flat with Millie, it was so realistic.

  10.  Brilliant.


    Once again, Lyn Andrews has produced a story that the reader can just fall into. From the first page, you can see the people in the story and be a part of it. I have read every one of her books and they are all written from the heart. Thank you for entertaining us over the years Lyn, your books are a breath of fresh air.