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  1.  One of the best PPV's!


    TNA Bound for Glory 2009
    I am a big fan of tna and have a few of there DVDs and went to see it live a few weeks ago. After buying this event on DVD I found it to be one of their best pay per views I have seen. Throughout the pay per view it has this sort of big time feel about it and you know that this is the biggest event they have held which has a great card. Bound for Glory is TNAs Wrestlemania. Although they do not have the arenas which WWE may offer they do put up a strong pay per view which deserves its credit.

    X Division Championship Ultimate X Match
    Amazing Red (c) Vs Suicide Vs Alex Shelly Vs Chris Sabin Vs Homicide Vs Chris Daniels
    Note that The Pope was meant to be in this match but was replaced by MCMG due to family emergencies. This is what you expect from an X-division match and is one of the matches of the night. Good for new wrestling fans and is something tna need to showcase more 5/5

    Knockouts Tag Team Championship Taylor Wilde & Sarita (c) Vs The Beautiful People
    I must say that the knockouts Division is by far better than the WWEs divas division. A few weeks before the show Lacey Von Eric replaced Angelina Love. The match is just a notch above average but enjoyable. 3/5

    Legends Championship Kevin Nash (c) Vs Hernandez Vs Eric Young
    This is a match where Nash doesnt participate much in the match but at the same time it feels like he does. Majority of the match is worked by Young and Hernandez. An enjoyable match throughout 4/5

    IWGP Tag Team Championship & TNA Tag Team Championship Full Metal Mayhem Booker T & Scott Steiner (c) Vs British Invasion (c) Vs Team 3D Vs Beer Money
    The Full Metal Mayhem match is the same as the TLC match. This match is not to the calibre of TLC I & II. Although it does showcase a fresh style of this stipulation and TNA pulls it off very well. A match with many big spots and high impact action 5/5

    Knockouts Championship ODB (c) Vs Awesome Kong Vs Tara
    A solid knockouts match where the beginning ends up with the two teaming up on Awesome Kong. Half way through the match something happens with Tara which I am not sure if was planned or not where an incident with a fan happens. Good knockouts match 3/5

    Submission Match MMA VS TNA Bobby Lashley Vs Samoa Joe
    To be honest I am not a huge submission match fan or a Bobby Lashley fan so this match wasnt to my taste. I felt that some of the wrestling quality was good throughout the match but the ending seemed abit all of a sudden 2/5

    Monsters Ball Abyss Vs Mick Foley w/special guest referee Dr Stevie
    This is the equivalent to a hardcore match anything goes and falls count anywhere. The match is fast paced which you will be surprised with due to the wrestlers in it. Many nasty bumps throughout the match and the hardcore action you dont get in the WWE. 5/5

    Kurt Angle Vs The Blueprint Matt Morgan
    This wrestlings Vs wrestlings future. I was shocked with this match as Morgan showed how good he is with a good wrestling match. Since the match I have been fonder of Morgan 5/5

    World Heavyweight Championship AJ Styles (c) Vs Sting
    This was advertised as Stings final match with Styles as he put his Bound for Glory streak on the line. The whole match was fantastic Sting shows that he still has it and the fans show what they think of him. After the match Sting has a speech with the fans. Although the match was good I felt the ending could have been better 4.5/5

  2.  5 Stars Easily


    Although this is the third game in the series i have to say this is the best one yet. The graphics and whole feeling to the game seems different from the previous games and makes it altogether a better game.

    I bought this game as i had a few friends who had the game and when had a few beers we would play this. But it was one of those games which doesnt exactly grow old. After completing the game you can then go on to defeat the other difficulties where at times you will think "how on earth am i going to get that good".

    The game has a fantastic set list, where it ranges from classics from the 70's to some of the latest songs which have recently came out. If you have the money avalible then buy this, if you havent already.

  3.  Good but not the same...


    I am a big Prison Break fan but i feel abit let down from the latest series, we have had series 1 + 2 which were bloody fantastic. Constantly had you on the edge with a great plot which got you into the series and made you care about what happens to each character. But with the third series i have found it alot different it instead feels different to watch, like i dont feel the plot of the third series has anything to do with the one on the first and second series. Instead its something on its own, which kind of feels like they are just dragging out the show just to make more money.

    Now dont get me wrong the show is great but i am going to have to give it 3 stars just for the fact of one huge mistake at the begining of the series when they killed off one of the main characters.

  4.  Worth every penney.


    I bought this dvd about 3 years ago and every few months i feel i have to watch it. I would say it doesnt grow old this dvd.

    The dvd itself goes for a short run through of Mick Foleys career with his first few matches in wcw, then to ecw, fmw and the wwf potraying the 4 characters/names of which Mick wrestled under.

    The Match Synopsis is as followed;

    Disc 1:

    Cactus Jack Vs Big Van Vader.
    WCW Saturday Night 17.04.93

    Chicago Street Fight.
    Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne Vs The Nasty Boys.
    WCW Spring Stampede 17.04.94

    Cactus Jack Vs Sabu.
    ECW Hostile City Showdown 24.06.64

    Cactus Jack Vs Chris Candido
    Smokey Mountain Wrestling 18.11.94

    Texas Deathmatch.
    Cactus Jack Vs The Sandman.
    ECW 04.02.95

    Cactus Jack & Raven Vs Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer.
    ECW November 2 Remember 18.11.95

    Cactus Jack Vs Mikey Whipwreck.
    ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash 09.03.96.

    Disc 2:

    Mankind Vs Shawn Michaels.
    WWF Mind Games 22.09.96

    Falls Count Anywhere
    Cactus Jack Vs Hunter Hearst Hemsley.
    WWF Raw 22.09.97

    Mick Foley Vs Terry Funk.
    WWF Raw 04.05.98

    Dude Love Vs Stone Cold.
    WWF Over The Edge 31.05.98

    Hell In A Cell.
    Mankind Vs The Undertaker.
    WWF King Of The Ring.

    Mankind Vs The Rock.
    WWF Raw 04.01.99

    Street Fight.
    Cactus Jack Vs Triple H.
    WWF Royal Rumble 23.01.00

    + 90 Minutes of extras.
    - Foley's debut.
    - 3 extra matches with commentary from Foley.
    - Interviews.
    - Promos.

    Thats pretty much it, i do think there could have easily been a third disc which would allow more matches to be shown from the character of Dude Love. But with what the dvd has to offer it shows most of the career from Foley, showing the infamous Hell In A Cell Match, the Street Fight From the rumble, himself winning the wwf title (which sadly became ruined by wCw), Foley breaking his nose and many more moments which are un-missable.

    I am going to give this 4 Stars, just for the fact thati thought there should have been some matches on the dvd which werent actually featured on it. All together i must say this is a must buy for all wrestling fans. A few classic matches which if you havent seen you need to see.