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  1.  Quite Simply - Amazing.


    I purchased my ipod classic last year and I honestly still cant believe how much media this device can hold :-)
    It manages to hold my -entire- music collection comfortably (a good 90gb or so - 15,000 songs in my case), 20 full films and 15 complete tv series' - AND THERES STILL SPACE!

    It can also deal with many different formats of media, and any it can't, itunes is well equipped to convert -nearly- any media file into a usable one.

    The only problem I encountered was, if your store of music on your harddisk/external HDD, somehow erases/gets deleted permanently, you cannot transfer the content FROM your ipod to the pc within itunes (atleast not content you have imported to itunes manually). You have to resort to 3rd party software, which in my opinion, is a major oversight by Apple.

    Negatives aside however, this is quite simply - the most amazing piece of technology i've ever owned ( :


  2.  32 Leaves


    A massively under rated that i came across by accident!
    Probably one of my personal favourite bands now, well worth a listen.
    Highly recommended.

  3.  The Resistance


    As a long term Muse fan, I like many others had high expectations for this album.
    In its essence it is brilliant :) , I love the first seven tracks (especially MK Ultra) but as for the last four... I am still undecided.
    I've had the album since release date, and unlike the other seven songs, the last four (i belong to you / the symphony) have not grown on me.
    So well done Muse, another awesome album, but I've just got this nagging feeling that there could have been something extra... It's missing something. :/
    ~ 4/5 ~

  4.  Tool!


    This Cd isn't about the music :D
    It's about loosing yourself in an alternate view, parabola a perfect example.
    It's just seeing things from a completely new angle and warping your mind o_O
    I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different... a bit more.. underground.
    I know i'm hooked on it.

  5.  Nectar


    I bought this game on a whim, and it was a great suprise.
    The campaign missions are excellently put together, and certain missions are exceedingly brilliant
    ( the swamp level for instance )
    It takes a while to get used to the controls, but eventually, it captivates you. - Not only that, the campaign missions are able to accommodate not only yourself but three friends.

    Very much worth it :)

    Must have for the price alone - 5/5

  6.  Mindblowing


    After completing halo2, i, like many others, couldn't wait to get their hands on the sequel to possibly xbox's greatest game ever.
    I thought, 'how could they possibly improve on a near perfect game and give us teh sam experience?'
    The answer?
    They could... And they would blow our minds away!
    Forge mode, campaign, re-vamped matchmaking system and a community so large you'd swear the world was still playing it over two years after it was released (1billion matchmade games since release, still increasing :) ).
    The truth is, this game has everything anyone could ever want with a fast paced shooter, depth, amazing graphics and a storyline that keeps you gripped and makes you want to pick it up and try another difficulty straight after finishing.
    10/5, Good work bungie :)
    -The reason you own a 360-

  7.  Fallout 3 Guide


    A very complete guide - everything you need to know about fallout 3 - maps everything - very understandable. A must have companion for any wasteland adventurer ;)
    Gives many different solutions to main/side quests and the rewards - picture & map guides for them.

  8.  Fallout 3


    Only one word can truly describe this game - EPIC!

    The only drawback I can find with this game is that if you dont read the manual at the beginning (oops) you have no idea about the 'VATS' system (a special targetting utillity.)
    And now with the 'operation anchorage' expansion. fallout3 offers a truly unique experience.

  9.  Dead Space


    Im not a big fan of this genre, but i personally cannot get enough of this game now. :)
    It throws in some unique twists and turns (literally in some cases...) throughout the plot, and the opening sequence of events is immense.
    A must have :)

  10.  I am amazing graphics and a decent storyline...


    This film shows why you need blu-ray :) the film itself is amazing but the ending in my opinion was... unexpected.
    Graphics 5/5, storyline - probably 4/5. A must have for all Will Smith fans - one of his best performances.