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  1.  Perfect


    The same sort of speaker is about 39.99 in some high street shops when they do deals with ipods, but normaly about 14.99. The speaker is loud and really good quality. Songs with deep base will struggle but appart from that it pritty much plays anything perfectly for 7.99. Whan i connect my laptop to the TV the sound still comes out of the laptop but i use this in the headphone socket in the laptop n i must say this one speaker is a lot better than my 2 speakers in my laptop, and its a fairly new lappy aswell.

  2.  Worth the extra detail


    The film was amazing. The CGI was unbeatably realistic. The great use of actors who you have never heard of or seen before and the documentry style filming makes it feel like it could happen for real tomorrow. A great film needs to be watched in great detail so thats why im am going to buy this on blu-ray.
    In my opinion its worth 11 out of 10

  3.  One Of The Top 10 Films


    The story is gripping and the CGI looks realy realistic with the mothership and the aliens. The idea of using unknown actors helps the feeling that this could happen and that its not a tipical hollywood movie just wanting to make a load of money using brad pitt, matt damon, etc. Can't wait to see if they make another one with the cliff hanger at the end of Distric 9.

  4.  Samsung 558/559 over 556


    I work at a electrical shop and iv'e got one of these Tv's. This model of Samsung (558/559) you can only get on the internet and the shop version of this Samsung is the 556. Its the same TV but with a different frame, the 558/559 had buttons on the right hand edge of the TV and the 556 has touch sensors on the actual frame on the right hand side. This TV is a lot better looking then the 556 i think, also if you just brush past the sensors on the 556 it'll turn the channel, sound or mode and it gets really annoying after abit. I also bought myself a Samsung 1500 blu-ray player and because this TV is 1080p the quality is superb.

    If anyone was woundering the difference between 1080i and 720p is:

    1080i will be better quality but any fast movement will be a bit blury and 720p will not be as good quality but better on the fast movements, so 1080p is the best because it'll be good on fast movements and is also really good quality on the screen. So a 32" TV with 1080p is superb and at this price its brill.

  5.  Be careful


    I have one of these on contract but be careful with the 2 silver buttons next to the square as it unlocks the phone and it might start calling out and using all your credit up. Also its like carrying a house brick in your pocket because the size of it and is a bit heavy. The best thing about the phone is its 5 MegaPixel camera on the back and i think its a 2 MegaPixel on the front. Not the best sound quality a phone has got as the sony erricsons have much better sound quality with its walkman function.

    Also i had it back to get it repaired with the ringing out bussiness and when i came back the phone had been reset to default settings and my mate changed me my text tone and if anyone knows how to change my text tone can you please tell me.

  6.  Great product


    Bought one of these because i wanted a good MP3 player what plays videos, music and films. 80GB is taking ages to fill up. I find that Ipods are far better then normal mp3 players because the software Itunes is easy to use and its easy to change music. It also fits all ipod docks so theres a big list to choose from without looking to see if it fits.

    Problems i find with it are the mirror backing gets easly scrachted and its too big to be carrying all over the place for music so best to get the nano.

  7.  Makes your theory seem like nothing


    I used a older version but it works a treat. If you practice on this then become your theory test time you will just pass through it like it was the easiest thing you will do. With this new version you can now put it on your ipod.

  8.  1080p Heaven


    Bought this film to see the best out of my tv but the quality of the film is amazing. On the animals the creaters have really made an effort of creating superb graphics on the animals and the surroundings. All in all animation films is the best way to notice 1080p.

  9.  Tinny


    I bought this because people say the sound quality is good but compare it to the IWantIt IW500 the sound seems really tinny. But you can get the IWantIt IW500 for £20 or £25 and the sound quality is much more nicer.

  10.  1 of the most reliable


    This laptop plays DVDs no problem using the media player. Also Toshiba is one of the most reliable laptops in production. The best is Dell, Toshiba then Compaq/HP and the worst are Acer, Asus, Sony and Ei System. So a 17" Toshiba with 2GB Ram and webcam for £399 you cant get any better.

    The only problem with Toshiba's is the power button getting stuck into the frame, so if anyone has any Toshiba laptop press the button lightly to prevent this problem.