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  1.  WHY?


    First off i have been gaming for 23 years and i know what i am taking about when it comes to games and this game is a prime example of of EA just trying to fund BF3 it is just rushed and terrible.

    1 The in game graphics in the single player are ps2 at best on a hd tv the maximum setting is 720p it even says it on the back of the box
    i am playing this on a new sony LED tv and it still looks terrible its very grainy with pixel blotches when things explode not smooth at all big frame rate drops.

    2 the single player game play is terrible the movement and player interactions give you a feeling of running though jelly its like playing MOH on the ps1 the AI is horrible which was fine then but its now 2010

    3 the multi player has better graphics as its made by DICE and is a mix of bc2 and cod but it has to many problems to be fun the maps some of the worst i have come across and its dominated by spawn killers and snipers its the 08/12/2010 and online there are about 200 players this game is dead waste of money.

  2.  good but it has its problems


    Leader boards are now skill based score per minute
    The new cp system
    Hackers are now gone
    Cheaters and boosters get banned
    Wagers match and combat training

    Lag and lots of it
    Party problems
    Transmission errors and randomly being kicked from the games
    Hit detection is way off due to latency issues

    Over all this is better than the last helping WAW but its nowhere near the smoothness of cod 4.

  3.  epic


    finely finished this game over a period of of a month a few hours here and there and i have to say this is one of the best games i have played the game play is perfect the visuals are stunning better than the first can you believe it bring on number 3 i want more.

  4.  good fun but a few bugs


    Got this game on thursday and just could not put it down this is epic fun for all race fans at the start of the game you start with one of the smaller teams and it pretty hard to finish in the points at first but when you get better it feels so rewarding later on in the game when your team is doing well and you up there with the best of them but i have to give this 4 stars bit buggy and needs a patch or 2 when this gets a fix it will be a 5 star game.

  5.  class


    Got the game last week could not put it down i play a lot of games and this is one of the best i have played in years good story well over 20hrs and the online is good fun 5 stars.

  6.  halo3 DLC


    Halo reach looks and plays the same as halo 3 no real change at all thats not a bad thing though but whats is realy bad about this game is the frame rate in the story is unacceptable for a modern game i had to change the display of my tv from 1080p to 720p just to play it with out blur or lag the story was pretty good though but its short like ODST and the multiplayer is the same as halo 3 a few new wepons and game modes and thtas your lot it feels more like DLC than a full priced game 3 stars.

  7.  not bad


    First off the this game looks amazing when just driveing around the city day or night but its the actual raceing that lets it down in some points as its extremely hard at times even on the easy races and cars just seem to spawn in your way and the progression is flawed there's no sence of accomplishment as the avarge playr if forced to only play the easy races but all this is redeemed buy the online play and car customization if you have plenty of mates on psn this is for you.

  8.  under par


    its a as simple as this good offline bad online witch is strange for a game that made its name as a online FPS and the original is still being played to this day.

  9.  not worth the price


    This game is not worth £40 at all its just 1 play though no incentive to go back at all i had to force myself to complete the game i was a massive Ghostbusters fan when i was a kid and had high hopes for this game after the first few levels its just the same stuff over and over and the game also suffers from frame rate drops in 1080p when lots of ghosts are on the screen i would wait for the price drop if you want this game.

  10.  not bad


    Madden 10 is basicly the same as 08 09 game play wise just new rosters and the new pointless cut scenes which there are plenty of and they do get annoying verry fast you will find yourself just pressing X repeatedly to skip them but if your a big NFL fan like me this is just a kink in a otherwise good game.