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  1.  Legendary


    The scream trilogy is a must have for any horror fan & for £8 its a steal. MUST BUY!

  2.  Suprisingly hilarious


    When i first looked atthis dvd i was sceptical but boy i was wrong. Owen Wilson is brilliant in this movie & makes it so funny in plent of scenes & The young actors are great aswell. Must buy!

  3. Juno



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     Totaly overated


    Dont get me wrong its an ok film but probly only as a rental at is best. There isnt alot of comedy in this as much as everyone says & the movie just seems to drag. Ellen page is great in it but thats the only plus in this movie

  4.  Epic


    Any fans of green street & football factory willl love this film as its full of fighting & violence. Alot of the scenes are graphic which makes it even better. must buy!

  5.  Boring


    This has to be one of the most boring horror movies of all time. The movie is on for approx 1hr 30 mins but it takes over 1 hour for anything to happen. there is a good twist at the end but thats it. avoid at all costs

  6.  British gem


    This is a gem of a film & to be britishis even better. simon pegg is hilarious in it & there are loads of funny scenes through out. one of the best british comedies to hit our screens for a while

  7.  weddings are so much fun


    This is a very funyy movie simply because the two leading actors vaughn & Wilson act great as a team. the storyline is a bit unrealistic but the movie will have you laughing all night.

  8.  Let down


    This is a big let down for will smith. dont get me wrong the effects are amazing but the storyline sucks & makes no sense

  9.  we luv u miss alba


    First of all this movie should never of been a 15, more like an 18. The acting is great especially jessica alba as a clumsy woman, she does that well & the movie as a whole is funny. must buy!

  10.  Very dissapointing


    I was largerly dissapointed by this film as it looks very godd on the back. However the acting is bad, the plot is bad & the camera work is terrible. i expect better from lionsgate.