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    I have been reading the Horus Heresy novels for the past 5 months and I am currently on book 9 "Mechanicum" but I can honestly say that Fulgrim was the best. It was incredibly moving and was one of the most gripping books I have ever read. I finished it in 4 days, mostly on the train coming back from college and time just flew whenever I began reading it. (Must be Slaaneshs' influence over me ha ha).

    I agree with some of the reviews in that it was a little too short and a lot happens in it but seems rushed. Not taking away the fact that this is an incredible read and really captures Slaanesh well. Utterly terrifying, emotional, gripping and thought provoking. Highly recommended.

  2.  Simply Outstanding


    Saw this film only recently and I heard great things about it before watching it. After seeing it I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied by a film in a long time. The main actor Sharlto Copley I thought gave an incredibly realistic performance. I also found it very emotional and again like Avatar I was rooting for the aliens.

    The weaponry designs were amazing and very original and one other thing I have to say about this film is its use of the "F" word. Could it possibly exceed that of Goodfellas?

  3.  One of the greatest Foreign Movies ever made.


    This movie.....this movie is without doubt an absolute masterpiece. Once were Warriors hits hard both to the heart and mind. This was New Zealands most successful film before The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy but while Lord of the Rings was about a heroic tale about the battle between good and evil Once Were Warriors is an altogether different film about the reality of life and responsibility. Temeura Morrison gives one of the most evil and aggresive performance from any actor with his role as the brutish Jake "The Muss" Hecke. He will never have another role quite like it again I think.

    This has been in my top 10 films for all time for a long time now and the more I watch it the more I appreciate it, not for its levels of violence but most especially for the perrformances from the female characters who you really have to feel sorry for, but I dont want to say anymore now as I might give away to much plot-wise but I can say this to anyone who really loves films and realistic acting performances that this is the film to get.

    Oh yeah the sequel to this "What becomes of the Broken Hearted" is not as good as this but its interesting to see what happens to the family after "Once Were Warriors".

  4.  A film for all ages!!!


    Goodbye Mr Chips...well what can I say about this truly magical and timeless film. First off I want to thank Play.com for having this film available to us customers for purchase at such a low price. This wonderful film should be viewed by everyone who appreciates real films not the crap you see the likes of Paul W Anderson making.
    The story is simple, it basically tells the story of a young teacher who arrives at an all boys school to find the task of teaching the boys a rather daunting one but over time the boys begin to trust and care for Mr Chips. From there we follow his life's story. I dont want to give too much away as this is simply a remarkable film. I will admit I came close to tears on more than one occasion but if your like me and love the beauty of cinema then i think that even you will shed a tear for Mr Chips.

  5. Deus Ex

    Deus Ex


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     Possibly the greatest game on the PS2


    Deus Ex was released in 2002 and even though the graphics look a little bit out of place today that doesnt stop this from being one of the greatest fps games of all tiime. This is my second favourite game of all time, second only to the mighty Final Fantasy 7. Both might not look pretty today but who cares about graphics right? The gameplay in Deus Ex is sublime, I wouldn't really call this a shoot em up game as you spend a large amount of time interacting with people and finding out information. Much like an RPG, but this game is very different in the sense that you have many paths to choose from and you dont have to follow any one mission.

    This game will definately keep you going for a week or two depending on what kind of gamer you are. One of the best things about this game is that you can change the way you play the game, you can either use stealth to get by guards or traps, this method is slower but safer or you could go in with all guns blazing and finish the game pretty quickly. Either way this game is so addictive you probably wont stop playing it until your eyes fall out.

    If you appreciate good qualilty games like Halo and Final Fantasy 7 then you should definately pick up a copy of Deus Ex. And at such a low price from Play its more than worth it.... Oh and dont bother with the sequel, it sucks.

    Deus Ex 5/5