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  1.  Uninvited Guests


    Whilst the game itself is as good as the other two, the thing that ruins it for me, is the fact that anyone can jump into the game with you.
    In DR2, it was invite only, but not this version. Because of that, anyone can jump into your game and if they're rubbish, it can actually hinder your progress. For example, I was happily playing, and was just taking on one of the bosses, when a kid of about 8 joined the game! He then proceeded to jump into one of the cars and smash into everything, because he couldn't control it. This also included running into me!
    Because of this, I have to wait for my mate to come on for some co-op action. This is why I'm rating it 3 stars.

  2.  Ghosties


    Excellently remastered. Only let down slightly by occasional ghosting in the 3D version. Apart from that, things do poke out of the screen.

    Worth getting if you don't already have it.

  3.  Excellent


    I bought this some time back. The material is great and it fits very well. It's been washed several times and hasn't lost its shape at all.

    Well worth getting.

  4.  A Good Romp


    This is an excellent sci-fi romp. Good story, battles and a sexy princess. The 3D isn't too bad either.

    The folk that criticise this film for ripping off the likes of Star Wars, clearly don't realise that this came first. It's a bit like the folk that think Dracula rips off Twilight.

    John Carter is certainly worth a watch if you like either sci-fi, or adventure romps.

  5.  Avoid


    I thought that you couldn't go wrong for 7 pounds, but was proved wrong.

    As someone else said, this isn't a patch on Planet Terror and Machete. It's just a poorly made pile of tripe with equally bad acting. Ruger Hauer tries his best, but as the saying goes, you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

    If you want to see him in a cheesy action film, you'd be better getting Blind Fury, where he takes on all comers as a blind samurai. It's infinitely better than this turd.

  6.  Battle Royale UK?


    As the other reviewer stated, this is a film made in Britain about a group of assassins fighting it out for a prize. The idea is like Battle Royal, where the last one standing gets that prize. Needless to say, much mayhem ensues.
    It's not Shakespeare, but then again, neither are most American action films. I actually liked it better than The Expendables.
    If you like action films, then this should certainly be on your list. And definitely at this price.

  7.  Not So Complete


    I'll go with the other reviews and say that this is an excellent series. However, the music in the first series is different to what was broadcast. Surely these days companies know that their show will end up on DVD/Blu-Ray, so they should allow for the cost of paying for music used in their shows. It's like the 1st series of CSI on DVD not featuring the theme, as it was by The Who.

    Also, where's the pilot episode with the different Mitchell, Annie & Herrick? You can't call it complete without that and that's why it's only getting four stars.

  8.  Crystal Clear


    Totally worth the money. I was cautious at first, but having tried these, it's money well spent. You really can hear folk trying to creep up on you, especially in games like COD, or Battlefield. You can even tell which direction folk are running.

    Apart from a tiny bit of feedback from wired controllers, it's well constructed and provides excellent sound quality. Certainly worth getting.

  9.  Black Border On Blu-Ray


    This is a classic film from Peter Jackson before he made Lord Of The Rings. I love this film and have watched it many times. However, with recently buying a blu-ray player, I have found a problem. It's not genuine widescreen. It's actually 4:3 made to look like widescreen by adding black borders to the top and bottom. So when you watch it on a blu-ray player, you get a huge black border round all the sides. The Tigon Collection also has this problem, as does Goodfellas going by the other review here. So be warned and wait for the hopeful blu-ray release.

  10.  Utter Guff


    If you want to see a good Sherlock Holmes, then get something staring Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone, Robert Downey Jnr, Peter Cushing, or anyone else. Ben Syder has to be one of the worst actor ever. Apart from that, he's way too short and looks about 12! If you want to see a young Sherlock Holmes, then get the film of the same name by Steven Speilberg.

    Other than him, the plot is laughable with dinosaurs and mechanical monsters roaming the streets of foggy London. In fact, if you a robot monster done well, then search out The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. The general production values make this look more like an am dram effort shot on video by a proud parent than something done for a serious release. It's basically a blatant cash in on the Robert Downey Jnr., Jude Law, Guy Ritchie version. Even the cover is similar.

    This film is one to avoid, unless it's showing on something like the Sci-Fi channel. In which case watch it to see how it shouldn't be done. Either that or just watch the clip on here.