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Top 100 Sport and Outdoor Reviewer
6 (83% helpful)

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  1.  Wow, very fun


    This is a brilliant product with the added bonus that it is quite cheap. I first used it at the beach and it did end up in the sea a bit so a large area is probably required for this.
    Cool design, great fun, worth buying...

  2.  Brilliant


    This is the second book of Dan Browns i have read after the Da Vinci Code.

    I bought Digital Fortress to read on holiday and could not put it down until the end, like The Da Vinci Code this had the twists, turns and senses of mystery throughout but i found Digital Fortress to be a much more involving and engrossing book.

    In my opinion the best book i have read, a must buy for the Dan Brown book lover...

  3.  Can be very good


    A friend bought 3 sets of these (six grannies in total) as a novelty gift for his gran a while ago and we all expected them to be a good few hours of fun.

    This was not the case however as they worked for a few minutes then one unexpectedly broke, we carried on then another one went and in the end only two were left working out of six.

    These look like they could be a very fun product to have but be warned they look like they have a tendency to break...

  4.  Excellent to start on


    I received this power ball yesterday and after getting the technique sorted found it very addictive.

    I was a little skeptical at first but after using it for a while could definitely feel the muscles in my forearm working. I now use it while watching tv which sometimes annoys others as it can get get quite loud when you spin it at a quicker speeds.

    The only thing which i regret is not buying the pro version for £5 more as this has the Rpm counter which would be useful to see progress.

    I would definitely recommend a power ball to anyone but i advise buying the pro version unless your not too bothered about how fast you can spin it...

  5.  Phenominal


    I bought this game about 2 weeks ago, unsure what what to expect from not playing any previous metal gear solid games.
    Once i started it up i was engrossed, only stopping to sleep drink and eat, i managed to complete it in 2 and a half days.
    Some may complain about the cut scenes being too long and too many but i personally enjoyed them, it gave you a necessary break from the game play and were involving and exciting.
    One aspect of the game i enjoyed to most was the OctoCamo, being able to hide from enemies by camouflaging in the middle of a battlefield was very useful, unless they annoyingly decide to walk over you and raise the alarm if your not quick enough to kill them.
    I would say this is game required for everyone with a ps3 and is well worth the money (so long as they enjoy long cut scenes, about 9 hrs in total)

  6.  Generaly Good


    I first used this headset on COD4. I found it to be a good headset and the only problem that occurred was connecting it to the PS3. After this was sorted i found there to be no interference with the controller, as pointed out with other headsets, and found the sound quality to be very good.
    Highly recommended addition to the PS3 experience...