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  1.  love it, but it can be frustrating


    Ive never had a manager game before, so i wasnt sure what to expect with this, but ive found that its really good. Theres a vast range of tactics available to you as a manger. you can send off scouts etc. It can seem quite complicated when you first get it, but if u stick with it, youll be scrolling through it easily within half an hour. obviously there arent really much graphics, its amanager game after all. Durting the game itll show highlights etc...It can be really frustrating though when youre playing, as ive found managing charltpn, where i seem to lose all the time and then i got fired...now im managing york...anyway its very good, and is quite addictive

  2.  bizarrre


    erm... i have aquired every CD gorillaz have made and loved all of them. But even though the gorillaz are a weird band, this is by far their weirdest album. I have absolutely no idea what the hell is goin on in this album, but in a strange way i like it. There is no order in the songs, and none of them seem to make sense. The melodies (if you can call it that) are very hynotic and appealing. You've definately got to listen to the album a few times before you get into it. But its not gonna be one of those albums on your ipod that you turn up to full volume on, or put on when you're friends are around.

  3.  Boring and stupid


    I thought that the graphics were really dodgy, and the gamepplay itself was crappy. It is quite amusing though to attack seals. Pointless though. I found in boring. Play the demo

  4. inFamous



    2 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

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    I seem to have the opposite problem of everyone else, iv got my beta code to Uncharted although nobodys playing it so i havnt had a chance to actually play it. (the code comes in an email, check ur emails if you dont have it) The real problem is i dont actually have my Infamous game yet. Iv been waiting over 2 weeks, its rare that i ever have to wait over 3 days from play.com. And apparently it cant be classified as missing until bout late june. So Play.com if you are reading this, what happened to my game. still waiting here

  5.  better than i expected


    I bought this game because i dont have any RPG game, and i thought this looked good. When i first put the game in and started playing, i was shocked. I thought this was the biggest waste of £40 in my life. But after half an hour, i was really hooked. The world map is apsolutely massive, iv explored something like 6% of the map. There is so much to do, over 500 mini quests. The only downsides are that the graphics arent brilliant for a next generation game, but you dont notice it after a while. The voice acting is kinda dodgy and theres quite a lot of reading to do, as half the time the charactors wont speak. I usually skip it after a while. Also the trophies are really hard to get.
    Dont be put off though its a really good game.
    I recomend that you rent first though, just in case its not your cup of tea.

  6.  best album so far


    This is easily Kasabian's best ever album. The songs are amazing, it's already my favourite album on my ipod. No ipod shouldnt have this album

  7.  Some songs are good


    Some of the songs on this album are really good, but there are alot of very boring dull songs. In my opinion anyway. The CDs my sisters anyway. She loves it



    Some of the songs on this album are really good however there are one or two that i find really, really boring. Worth buying. Or you might wanna just purchase some of their singles



    I used to have the giotech headset but i found it really dodgy. its so easy to use this headset and the connection is always really clear.

  10.  good, but very repetitive


    This game is a good buy fpr any PS3 owner, especially at this price. The graphics are really good and so is the story line. the gameplay is amazing at first but after about 2 assassinations, it all kinda feels like a chore. Doing the exact same thing over and over again except in different cities. Worth buying, but gets old quickly