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  1.  Chilling good


    One of the best books ive ever read. It isnt just a great zombie read, it isnt a great sc-fi read, it is a glimpse on the fragility of human society and humanity in general. Masterfully written, with a realism of characters, events, even geopolitics that makes you think if Brooks is a political journalist. I read it and i thought that this isnt sc-fi, this could happen tomorrow.. Brilliant job

  2.  Nice simple sci-fi read


    Quite nice story, with plain story line and plot. Nice description of space battles, although they tend to become too theoretical like a professor training navy cadets. I found it a refreshing nice summer read, i would call it a classical sci-fi story, and i have already ordered the second book; hope it is not a plain repetition of the first story...

  3.  Mind Blowing


    One of the best movies ever made, it raises the benchmark for future movies to be filmed! James Cameron brilliantly transforms a cliche "Dances with wolves" type story to an awesome nature's advocacy saga! Great story, cool perfomances, superb soundtrack, the most realistic CGI ever seen, and a breathtaking 3D experience. You can taste, smell and feel Pandora around you! Not to be missed!

  4.  Klingon fan? I doubt it


    Although i haven't bought this collection, i have seen literally every star trek episode of all 5 franchises... Bottom line, no collection can rightfully bear the name of "Klingon fan" if is does not include DS9's "Blood Oath", "You are cordially invited" and "Soldiers of the Empire", which are the epitomy of Klingon Psyche! Qapla!

  5.  Masterpiece!


    What can anyone say about this little gem? Full action packed, spy movie, realistically depicting the volatile world of fundamentalists, terrorists and the "intelligence" community. Excellent characters and story plot, great performances, rapid action, and most importantly an authentic Ridley Scott approach, aka taking an impartial distance and letting the viewer judge on who's the bad and who's the good guy in the Middle East mess. Exceptional!