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  1.  quiet as a mouse, as hot as volcano


    i didnt buy my console from play, i got it from game instead because of the insurance. It looks stunning, has all the connections you need, now there is an optical connection for 5.1 surround. It loads very quickly and has good response times unlike to old elite. The best way to tranfer you data and trade your machine for a new one is to buy a 16gb usb flash drive because thats all the xbox will configure thses cost about 25 quid, but you get a trade price for your old machine because your not gunna need it after.
    They do however got incredibly hot so if you buy a new console be sure to take out insurance just incase. All round this is the xbox that microsoft should have released in the first place.

  2.  DLC ?


    This game is ok not great just ok.Four new characters are quite whitty always talking and u get a sense they are trying to help each other stay alive.But there are no changes in gameplay at all,there are alot more zombies and its extremely difficult,you get overwhelmed almost immediately of the level starting.Valve must think that the addition of melee weapons is worth £40, but i dont and everyone i know who has played this think the same.
    If your thinking of buying this wait till the price drops because its not value for money at all.

  3.  simply addictive multiplayer


    i bought this game the day of release way back.The campaign was simply awesome the story is brilliant the voice overs work and game truly does make you think you are fighting when you have surround sound.
    Now for xbox live,simply genius there is no other experience like this and it will be hard to beat,quite possibly the greatest online game ever created,but very addictive.
    I hate it when this game is compared to world at war because they ate both completely different ages of war,they only slate i will make is that treyarch cannot make a game without glitches cod 3 was as bad as cod5.

  4.  campaign nightmare,online heaven


    I was a bit skeptical about buying this game because cod4 was just outstanding,but i did.the campaign is ok,alot more lively than previous cod ww2 titles,but its hard and you seem to constantly get stuck on the terrain,when you hide behind cover one of the ai team mates hides behind you so when a grenade comes in you die,you die alot in the campaign its really tricky veteran is stupidly difficult.
    Multiplayer however is a huge success because the campaign fails,getting a streak of 7 and calling in dogs is awesome,it takes alot longer to rank up and prestige mode is level 65,the weapons seem to be a lot easier to use in multiplayer than in the campaign,dont know if anyone else thinks that. Vehicles are cool, sticky grenades are better.
    Very addictive just like modern warfare.good game worth a shot.
    Modern warfare is just better.
    Zombies zombies zombies,absolutely brilliant veruckt was ace but shi no numa just blows it away,great to play with friends hectic shooting and screaming into the headset at your friends. awesome.

  5.  geo mod 2


    the story mode to this game is very good,weapons are cool and can be upgraded SLIGHTLY.
    The main point to this game is to use the hammer and your remote charges to obtain complete destruction thats it blow stuff up,and watch things fall down as they would in real life,think mercenaries 2 on mars!
    The multiplayer is pathetic u have no indication on where the hell you are being shot from.

  6.  simply brilliant


    i went to c this film simply because batman begins was simply genious.
    Dark knight just exceeded the first film,given the 12a rting this film is simply not a childrens film at all.HEATH LEDGER steals the film as the joker truly stunning performance and believably insane.
    the introduction of the new improved harvey dent is awesome too

  7.  awesomesness of wireless


    i bought this product because i hte wires everywhere.the setup is staright forward plug it in search for a local network and thats it easy as,ive tried wired connections and there is no diff with a wireless one

  8.  good as


    this is a true tennis game that all tennis fans have been waiting for, VT3 is truly blown away. topspin is a simulator, you have to take evrything into account when you make a shot not jus hit it, its very hard.the graphics are awesome, the players look like they shud, n there hair even moves indivuadlly to the characters head.stick with this gane becos u will get frustrated at how hard it is to score a single point.

  9.  oh hell yeh


    this film is awesome,redifined the horror genre like other film has done for years.

  10.  mint


    this film is truly brilliant, a must have for all you gangland and british movie fans absolutely ruthless throughout.