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  1.  An excellent classic intellectual film


    Forget the need to have coloured versions of classics films which is like destroying an oil painting to make it 3D. This is a classic film with an excellent cast all round, in particular Spencer Tracey. If you like to have a story that is intellectual and thought provoking then this is well worth the effort. Excellent script.

  2.  Good adaptation


    Never really received the success that it perhaps deserves. Certainly one of the nearest film adaptations of the original novel. Gary Oldman is excellent in the lead role and gives rise to the fact that he is probably one of the greatest actors alive today, frequently unrecognisable in his films. Good performances from supporting cast with perhaps the exception of Keanu Reeves and his attempts at an English accent.

  3.  To remind those that need to that Hugh Laurie is English


    A Hugh Laurie film made long before House was ever heard of. Adapted from the Ben Elton novel Inconceivable this is a nice little comedy about a couple trying to have a baby. Nice little cameos from Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson and Dawn French.

  4.  Not the best


    This is not the best adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play, but it does have some good points. It is perhaps a little dated compared to 21st century acting styles and tastes. Olivier's performance is perhaps a little too stereotypical for modern tastes, but for any fan of Olivier this is the chance to see him in one of the great roles. It has it's place in the history of Shakespeare, even if modern tastes might lead more towards the Al Pacino side of things.

  5.  Step Back in Time


    An excellent TV series which is well worth looking at. It is like soaking in a hot bath, just lay back and let the gentleness of a long gone era wash over you. A fantastic series of performances from the cast but the top of the list has got to go to Maggie Smith who makes it all worth while with biting back comments.

  6.  Burton and Taylor


    The hugely expensive film that launched the love affair between Burton and Taylor that would lead to two marriages as well as the obsession that the world would have about them. Excellent fine performances. I particuarly like the brusk nature of Burton's Antony compared to Rex Harrison's Caesar. So cheap it is virtually free

  7.  Ahead of his time


    Chaplin so forgotten today really was the first movie star and a genius that was way ahead of his time. This is my favourite of Chaplin's film and his first "talkie" it is bold and the foresight of this comedian to realise that one of the best defences aginst people like Hitler is to mock them is outstanding. This is something that would later be picked up decades later by the likes of Mel Brooks but Chaplin was way ahead. Making this film put Chaplin firmly on Hitler's death wish. Well worth seeing if for no other reason.

  8.  CSI Shrewsbury!!


    Excellent series with a fine performance by Sir Derek as the medieval CSI monk. Some excellent performances and very well shot. Shame they didn't make any more of them

  9.  The classic comedy series


    If you have not seen it then buy it if you have seen it why haven't you bought it? Brilliant series. Series 1 is still a little hit and miss as it doesn't really take off until series 2 which is excellent and superbly followed by series 3 and 4. Also has the the specials the comic relief Cavalier Years and the Christmas Carol on here as well as the millenium special - well worth it. Some audio commentaries - a few more would have been nice

  10.  A moving story


    An excellent TV series which I had never actually seen on TV but took the gamble and bought the DVD set as it is so cheap now. Truly excellent. Well acted, well filmed well directed and well scripted. Probably the most moving episode for me is the episode where they discover the concentration camp. Well worth a look.