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Product Reviews

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  1.  Outstanding!


    ANNOYED with Call Of Duty 5,6 (Any of them)...Buy this game!

    This is a nice sigh of relief from the painful process of playing a Multiplayer game in COD. Not really anything wrong with the online it is generally a fun experience.
    Story mode is slightly short but the missions that you encounter are AMAZING!
    Definitely one of the most underrated games of 2010!

  2.  Good & Bad.


    The X31's are outstanding there is no denying that. The sound quality you get from them is perfect, like every other headset there is a slight hum when there is no sound but this is a minute problem so there is no harm there.

    The main problem with these is that they are wireless and share the same frequency as many other electronics, so if you are planning on using these in a small room with a number of other electronic equipment then they wont work. There is a problem with the receiver getting a clear signal so the automatic shutoff will kick in every 5 minutes. WHICH IS A PAIN!!!

    If you are planning on using these in a room with lots of electronic stuff then I recommend getting the X1's and just hide the cable.
    Other than that this headset is a great buy.

  3.  Mainly Good But Some Bad


    Well this had mixed reviews because it has the nickname of robot wars for the people that dont like it. Well it is a very good game on the players point of view the graphics are simply outstanding and the AI is awsome too. Although the downfall being that it takes ages to actually get into the action as the average game time is about 10-15 mins.
    Overall a very good game and must be bought for people into their gaming 0_0

  4.  Outstanding


    I got bought this 4 my birthday and oh my god its amazing, I hated rock stuff and i know its called Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock but i thought i might give it a try. Within 3 hours of playing this game i was converted to loving rock, i even play this with my mum, and thats saying summin, this is fun for everyone and anyone =p