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  1.  Great fun


    Firstly, I purchased this game due to not having A Wii and Mario Kart. I was suprised how good this game actually was! The serious element has been removed, and it is based upon pure fun and enjoyment.

    The visuals are absolutely fantastic, and the gameplay is immense. Xbox Live has smoothe connections and the achievements are also great to work towards. Not an expensive game so I recommend buying it :)

  2.  Does the job.


    I recently purchased this item, to enable me to record my xbox 360 gameplay to my laptop. I needed this item for the setup, and it worked without a fault, lovely.

  3.  The best video game ever created.


    I have been eagerly excited about finally writing a review, but I wanted to play each aspect thoroughly. I just now completed the campaign, took a while because I am not much of a campaign player, but I must say, it was the best campaign I have ever played, and most probably will play for a long while. It is amazing how a video game can create such emotion and tension within its game play. I never played Modern Warfare 1, but I heard it was also amazing. I think Infinity Ward are absolute geniuses.

    A new game mode called Spec Ops has been introduced, which is a fantastic idea. It is great fun to play with friends, and compete over who has the most stars. A few of the missions are very hard on veteran though, still have not done a couple.

    Now we all know Call of Duty is the complete God of online game play. I cannot compare to CoD 4, but I loved World at War and had 20 days playing time. I could play for an entire day and still be excited. MW2 has introduced Titles, emblems, kill streaks, and throwing knives. Sadly, the barrack leader boards does not show individual game mode statistics, just an overall kill/death, win/loss and accuracy ratio. Also, the game now migrates a new host if some sore loser quits after being completely powned by a throwing knife or pave low, so the game can continue, sweet.

    This game has took video gaming to a new level, as the graphics are epic and stunning, the voice control is beautiful, and the guns are well, for the win. A huge 5/5 stars, and I recommend this game to anyone with an Xbox 360 console.

  4.  One of my favourite films.


    This film kept me interested and excited throughout. It is an absolute magnificent film. Just the storyline, art-work, fight scenes, oh my, awesome. I highly recommend this film, you'll never get bored of it.

  5.  Great action, poor storyline.


    Firstly, I have never played any games, or had anything to do with Max Payne, so I have no idea if this storyline is similar to games etc. but all I can say is that the storyline wasn't that amazing.

    The film has its moments, and it has quite good action and violence. Wahlberg is spectacular again, he never gives a poor performance.

    Only buy this if you're a Max Payne fan, or see this relatively cheap.

  6.  Shocked me.


    After seeing trailers etc. for this, it seemed very cheesy and dull. Fortunately, my girlfriend made me watch this, and I simply fell in love.

    Mike Myers delivers once again, and makes the Cat brilliant. Very entertaining, for adults and kids!

  7.  Let's Fifa 10.


    So EA continue their production of the FIFA series, and it's been an important year. Instead of football fans being 50/50 between FIFA and PES, this year FIFA 10 obliterated PES and has taken world domination.

    FIFA 10 is quite similar to 09, except 'skilled dribbling' has been introduced which I don't really see a difference. In all fairness, the facial graphics of the players are terrible, and not very accurate with jaggy egdes. The commentators repeat the same thing over and over again! 'Tevez with his bulldog like approach' every single time he touches the ball?

    I particularly like the Virtual Pro, and Pro Club Championship mode. Virtual Pro actually made me play Be a Pro mode, which I hated on 09, but this year I have an aim and something to accomplish by having your own pro. Also introduces some lovely competition between friends to see who is better! Pro Club Championship is probably my favourite mode, in which you join/create a pro club, and play with friends or total randomers, but either way it's great fun playing against other pro clubs to march your way up the rankings.

    The AI isn't spot on, and often runs directly out of play, or will circle the ball rather than playing football. You'd think that they would have developed the AI, considering the coding/programming, and game engines out there. Personally I think 09 AI is better.

    10 introduces realistic physical player attributes, now the stronger player will fight off the weaker player, but due to a big boo boo at the developers, this new feature is pretty much pointless because of the referees - who love their whistle!! The biggest down point of this game is the referees. They give free kicks for absolutely anything, and blatant fouls, i.e two footed drop kick to the face, will be ignored.

    FIFA 10 pretty much has everything ((except Ultimate Team (for now)), I cannot think of anything to add to the game for FIFA 11. I think the game face idea is brilliant, however it doesn't work! When it finally does the graphics is naff, everyone looks the same.

    Any football fan should have this, it's just a must have, like any FIFA installment.

  8.  Absolutely Brilliant


    This film looked like a typical budgeted teen movie, in which the advert showed all the best bits like other films. Wrong. In my opinion the adverts were the least funny parts! I promise you that this film will make you laugh. Great storyline and actors. Brownie points to all those involved in the creating of this legend. Simply brilliant.

  9.  Not for the faint-hearted.


    This film is about 3 young/middle-aged outgoing men, who are travelling to basically find females etc. They end up in a hostel in Prague, with very beautiful ladies and erotic scenes. The men end up in a torturing facilty, with some amazing effects and gore, which is pretty sick (but exciting) action.

    The film kept me in suspense, and I enjoyed it. I think it's very well directed, however the story line is lacking in depth and detail, and looks like the film was budgeted, but the great scenes compensate. A good film for a night in with friends.

  10.  Fresh


    This series, is one of its kind. It will keep you laughing throughout each entire episode. The humour and sarcasm is amazing, you get to know the characters inside out, and it is well acted and written. I often leave this on loop, as it never gets old. Recommended.