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  1.  If your a Fan ull LOVE it


    I absolutely loved the first NUNS, and this one jus gets even better! the story mode is very interactive, bit long buh its not as bad as the previous games.
    Best Part Of The Game is that all characters use signature moves! its AWESOME!
    Multilayer is just spectacular! You are given ranks, and can customise your Ninja card which is quite cool!

    If ur not into doing the whole long story mode but want all the characters, simply go onto Free Battle mode, 1 vs 2 player. Use kakashi, to defeat the ur opponent (player 2, free controller, u dnt need anyone playing against you) with mangekyou sharingan over n over, till u get a perfect kill. This way you will get maximum points, which u need to unlock the characters so keep doing it till u do, It took me an hour to unlock all the characters.
    Enjoy :)

  2. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.69



    This game squeses every possible way of experencing having ELECTRIC POWERS.
    I loved the Story, the Moves, the Gamplay, the Way it feels(fluid movement) and most of all getting Trophies :). They were really easy to gain.
    All in All its a game to experience so hence its a MUST TRY! Definetly worth the money
    Its going in my Awesome Game Shelf

  3.  Easy Hard-drive


    During purchase i thought to myself "as easy as people are saying it is, I bet it will be difficult knowing my luck".......
    I was wrong, and they were right.
    Only mistake i did was not buying an external hard-drive first, bt the actual transfer was lik eating a piece of cake.

  4.  AWSOME


    This Game is amazing(full stop)

    Graphics and effects are better than ever

    Story keeps you goin, and uppgrades are spectacular

    This is a must TRY game........
    Personally i believe inFamous and Prototype on on the same level. Both hving exceptional abilities and storylines.
    However Prototype on its own has really pulled it off, and i simply ENJOYED the game.

  5.  Worth more than you pay for


    Sony have really proved themselves this time. These headphones were well worth the wait (a whole month) and money.
    The quality of the sound is extraordinary and the bass is BOOMING. I am very pick with my headphones and don't mind spending the money for them, but in this case I gain both ways.
    However, u hv to hv a decent MP3 player to see what levels these headphones can reach! i use the iPOD and its simply BRILLIANT.
    I hv shown my friends and they all want a pair, so imma hv to order it again.
    Definitely worth 5 Stars.

  6.  My ipod aint no P-pod!


    Well......i bought this the other day because i lost my old ipod!

    In my honest opinion i believe its not much different from the older versions. It has a few new features that i cant c my-self reali using.

    At first i though the colour might be too bright but it turned out just right! The picture can be misleading.

    Overall it does its purpose in style, i lov da colour, the screen size, 8gb and the whole package so i give it four stars!



    i pre ordered Haze and i am glad that i did.

    compared to COD4 i would say it reali has levelled up to it.
    i would definitely say that the story mode to Haze is much better than COD4 but the gun shots graphics( shoting the wall or somethin like that) in Cod4 has excelled more. this does not mean that the graphics of haze are bad, because the cut-scenes and surroundings are extremely great.

    i would recommend this to anyone interested in a great story mode and an exceptional experience.

    Haze is a game i would not sell jus to keep in my collection of PS3 game.