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  1.  Awful, but enjoyable awful


    Yes, this is a movie that you can't take too seriously but its good popcorn fare with excellent effects and good solid entertainment.

    If you are looking for an inception style sci-fi story then please avoid but if you want to watch a movie and don't want to think too much then this is for you.

  2.  Must watch - best film of the last few years!!


    I kid you not - this is the best movie I have seen in the last 24 months, a great film made on a relatively small budget. Fantastic effects, moving story and great characters make for an incredibly slick movie.

    A sequel (or interestingly a prequel) has been mooted in the press and i will certainly be waiting for more. Excellent stuff.

  3.  Not bad but not great


    This film was really poorly received by the critics but seems to have got great customer reviews. It's actually somewhere in between. A good solid sci-fi but nothing outstanding.

  4.  Oh Dear!


    After watching the first excellent movie and the fairly good sequel I was utterly shocked at the dreadful third film in the francise. All the characters are weak and the script makes absolutely no sense. Terrible.

  5.  Fantastic and tense drama


    I must be the first to admit that i find TV drama quite poor and tedious on the whole. (watching the poor quality of acting on Eastenders, Corrie etc wants me to throw away my TV) Not any more - The Shield has to be one of the most brutal and compelling series to hit the screen. Strong characters and some world class acting really gets you involved in the drama. Series 7 has to be amongst the best. Even the minor actors in this series put in top class performances.

    Don't miss this. Top marks.

  6.  Stunning TV at this price


    Just upgraded from one of the first samsung 40 inch lcd 1080p televisions to hit the market and I certainly made the right choice. This TV is superb. Upscaled dvd's and blu ray are stunning. Freeview provides a very solid picture and the menu system is very good. No backlit issues as described by 'What hifi magazine' (i think they are a little biased). All in all definately would recommend. Well done Sony.

  7.  Bad script and muddled storyline


    I'm really suprised at the posative reviews this barely average film is getting. Sure the effects are ok but the script is bad and story is muddled. Poor.

  8.  Good Ridley Scott Film


    Don't believe some of the negative reviews of this film. Good plot, acting and strong characters. Deviates from the normal with great camera work. Strong action packed film.Recommended.

  9.  Good Solid Fun


    A good 'B' movie that takes elements of lord of the rings and alien. Acting can be a bit flat at times but action is non stop. A good watch particulary if you like the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

  10.  Solid bit of kit from Sony


    Received my Giga Duke yesterday and have to say i'm fairly impressed. Sound quality is good for the price and although unit has a slight cheap plastic feel, the speakers are solid and well made. Sound quality of compressed music is good and the unit boots up fast. Well done sony at releasing an affordable hdd system.