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  1.  Amazing from the start.


    I played Burnout Paradise to death. This is the newest best thing. You get to drive Porches and Lambos from the start....Ace!!!!!!

  2.  Nothing new here.


    I finished the campaign in two afternoons and did not enjoy it at all. Dated graphics. Simple missions. Waste of money basically. So turn to Multiplayer and its just an album of cover versions of the best songs from the last 5 years. Which means it just steals the best bits from certain games. Battlefield 2, COD, MOH. Appears to entertain and maybe makes you feel good for a while but at the end of the day you feel cheated out of 40.00. This is PS2 material. And KAOS should be ashamed. Crysis 2 has proved what is capable.

  3.  Do Not But If You Are A COD Fan.


    This game is the most enjoyable game I have experienced since Killzone 2. Brilliant Campaign and Ultra Amazing On-Line. So lets not have it ruined by the cheaters who have plaugued COD.

  4.  Below average.


    This game in 2010 is way below average.
    Compare to GTA 4...Both cost 40.00. I am still playing GTA 4. I finished this rubbish in a week. Avoid or buy it cheap.



    My headline says it all. If you like action...buy this game and play it on a massive HD TV.
    I cannot praise it high enough.
    The progress in gaming Santa Monica Studios have made from GOW1 to this is quite breathtaking.

  6.  Brilliant PS Exclusive.


    This is the best ever deal for PS3 owners. 2 classic PS2 titles for peanuts. Brilliant addictive gaming. 10/10.

  7.  Hate FIFA 09/10 love this.


    I have always played PES. Tried FIFA 09 and 10. They didnt do it for me. This is a different story. I love it. I played PES 2010 for 2 hours before playing it so I could really compare and it is very good. Configure the controller to your PES style and its the same. If not better, bodes well for FIFA 11, PES better up their game. Im off to win the World Cup for England.



    I have just finished Escape From Butcher so am talking from first hand not some stupid demo.
    It is one of the better games this year. It has a great variety of missions. Stealth, action, bosses etc. I loved playing every minute and am now starting Athena section. You get 2 full games and that is pretty great value for money.
    The graphics are OK but the gameplay is superb. Sometimes you have to compromise.
    All in all this is 10/10!!!

  9.  OK but cumbersome controls.


    I found this game a bit of a let down mainly due to the clumsy controls and annoying itinary. In the midst of a battle you have to ask your partner for ammo then discard something to make it fit in and it all gets very frustrating. Graphics are ok. Your partner sometimes saves your skin burt also gets in the way and is very annoying saying "Thanks partner!!!" or "I owe you one!!! all the time.
    I just wanted to finish it as soon as possible and move on.
    So for me 7/10.



    After the disasterous PES 2008 I got FIFA 09 first. It is ok but its still a FIFA game. Sold it and plumped for PES and am glad because this edition is more like it. Crisp visuals and gameplay. The feeling when you score is like it used to be and its basically all up to scratch.
    Like I said FIFA is much better but still FIFA, you never really feel totally invlolved in the game.
    Konami got out of jail here so lets hope there is major progress planned for the best football game you can play.