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  1.  Nostalgic brilliance!


    Ok, so the latest instalment of duke is not as good as it could have been, BUT, it's still serious fun.

    Yes the graphics could be better and the frame rate could be a bit quicker but it's still a great game. All the great bits of the previous duke games are here and some of dukes lines are hillarious!

    To be honest this probably is one more for the fans but as far as i'm concerned it was worth the wait!

    The campaign is quite lengthy which is nice and the multiplayer is good old traditional fun... i.e running around gunning each other down with no emphasis on perks or daft objectives it's just old school shoot to kill and thats what makes it great. In between matches you can visit your penthouse and add extra things to it via xp you earn in the game.

    In all its not for everyone but if you were into the other duke games and are just looking for some old school crude fun then duke nukem forever fills the gap.
    Hail to the king baby!

  2.  Dull


    i was lucky enough to be GIVEN a copy of this. i am so glad i never shelled out the cash and was drawn into the hype.
    in short:
    Poorly renedered.
    Too short.
    Awfull weak multiplayer.

    Stick to battlefield and i suppose COD if your that way inclined or better yet get crysis 2. A very sad dissappointment.

  3.  breath taking


    This is the only collectors edition of a game i have bought because they tend to be cack and a waste of money but having seen a friends i decided this was truly worth it. All the features of the box are gorgeous and the deapth the diary adds to the story is remarkable, the pencil sketches alone are worth their own review! And the game....well its truly a masterpiece i really cant say much more.

  4.  in bound and hot!


    i aggree with the above review, after having played the demo on live i will deffinateley be buying the full game. the flight physics are great and yes using the 30mm HE cannon from a distance is very satisfying. there is a lot of attention to detail and with the ability to "pimp" your chopper with decals and other paint jobs then the online should be pretty good to. the only reason it gets 4 stars is that i dont know what the actual game is like yet so best not to be premature.

  5.  Nimble fingers...


    Make no mistake this game does have its flaws. the biggest one being the complex controls which have your fingers dancing on the control like wayne sleap on speed. however as mentioned before if your into star trek you WILL like this game, the fact it spans all eras of the saga is a major boon giving you loads of ships to choose from including voyager and all incarnations of the enterprise.

    the graphics are good and gameplay is relatively smooth. the game allows for those of us with a tactical nature by making you pick your fights carefully and giving you full control over your ships by being able to choose your impulse speed and giving you the option to divert power to various ship systems such as weapons, shields, engines etc.

    all in all this is worth the asking price and the re-playability is high with the various multiplayer skirmishes.