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  1.  Brilliant film.


    I was not expecting much with this film not a big fan of the original or the 2001 remake. This film grips you and does not let you go. It has a great plot and makes the odd nod to the original film. The star of the film are the Apes and they are brilliant. Not going to give to much away but don't expect to be on the side of the humans. You want the apes to succeed and they are not mindless killing machines the ape leader stops other apes from killing humans most of the time. A must see film and must have a sequel if not more than one.

  2.  Honest review from a long time adult fan.


    This is a roller coaster ride of a movie. From the start to the end you hardly have time to breath. The end battle was big but not as big as I thought it would be. When I read the book I could not wait to see it on the big screen and to be honest it did not live up to the book. I think they should have made the film a little longer and given the characters chance to shine. Maybe when you can watch part one and two together it may seem better but some parts seem rushed. Mrs Weasley's big moment was a blink and you miss it moment. I think if you didn't know the book you would not know which twin brother died. The ending was also not that good effects wise Harry looked a little older but not that much older and Ron just looked the same. I have been a fan since before the films were made and I am sorry to see it end apart from a few things that are not right the film is good and leaves you wanting more it's just a pity they did not slightly slow it down and give the story chance to be told.

  3.  Brillaint game must play must own.


    This is a brilliant game nothing like the original but I prefer it. I played this on normal then started a new plus game to carry over all my item's and unlocks. The second time I played it on insane difficulty. You go from point a to point b shooting aliens and bad guys but it is so well made it is the most fun I have had with a game for a long time. It kind of reminds me of a really good alien game (one that does not exist at the moment) you can get surrounded and you are shooting with the heavy duty machine gun and the aliens are exploding as you take them down and you have a big smile on your face. This game is just fun. You level up open up new guns and abilities and when you have finished the story you then can start the story again but with all the weapons you have opened up. One play through of the story mode will not open up all item's in fact one weapon only opens after you have finished the story once.

  4.  A great artist with a great voice.


    This is not normally my kind of music but i watched her on TV the other day and she was brilliant. She is not a pop singer but her voice is amazing. Listen to a few clips on the net before buying in case she is not your cup of tea. I think she is very good.

  5.  Don't bother.


    Boring slow with rubbish AI. Your team does not do what you ask them and you have great lengths of time sitting in vehicles or running to the next area. Don't bother.

  6.  Tron Legacy Review from a fan of Tron.


    I went to the cinema to see the original Tron when i was about 9 years old. I loved it i have it on DVD and watched it a few weeks ago in time for this release of the sequel. The first film did not have a complex plot at all and neither does this one. So everyone saying the film does not have much plot are missing the point. It's like complaining that when you watch football all they do is kick a ball around. It is a kids film don't expect a twist and turn plot. The effects are amazing apart from Clu which looks like it belongs in The Polar Express. When the film ended i thought why did we not see Tron more but then you get a hint of things to come when he changes colour near the end. I also thought what the .... when the girl came into the real world until i remember her computer program is made up of the DNA double helix this is how she came into the real world. This is why her programs were special they were based on DNA so when she came out of the computer she was turned into a human. Far fetched i know but hey it's a far fetched film. On the whole i liked it and would recommend you get it. The first Tron film was great at it's time but the critics did not like it its the same this time around. Let's hope that the third film will be good. See you on the grid.

  7.  Great Film. A Real Dark Harry Potter film. Be warned.


    I have been a fan of Harry Potter since before the first film came out. This is a brilliant film and ends at a great point in the story. This film is DARK it is no longer a kids film be warned it has scenes of death and torture in it, not strong but they are there. As always the effects are brilliant and apart from a few cuts to the story it follows the book almost all of the time. The film has a dark feel and look to it and you don't come out of it feeling like you have watched a light and funny kids adventure film. It is closer to The Empire Strikes Back in that it builds and builds and then the titles go up. The next film will be amazing and i look forward to watching it.

  8.  thought i would see what all the fuss is about. average tv


    I have never seen a single episode of 24 but i thought i would give the first season ago when i picked it up cheap. I watched four episodes and gave up pretty predictable and how many times did the man and woman looking for their daughters either drive past the van or the van drive past them with tense music playing. On the bridge when they were pulled over by the police and the van drove past i burst out laughing and asked my self is this for real or a spoof TV series. After all the what a amazing TV series it is i am pleased to say i have not wasted my time watching it.

  9.  Love Matt Smith as the doctor but this was average


    I love Matt Smith as the doctor and i like the Christmas carol story but this episode was a bit of a mess to be honest. A more true version of the Christmas carol story would have been better. Love the last series but this was not very good.

  10.  Good film Good doc's BUT very poor design on the 3 disc's.


    The film is good dances with wolves in space but still good, notice i do not say great. The documentary's are good but the films have been spread out over more than one disc. It would have made more sense to have one disc per version and split the documentary's up over the discs. Another major problem is there is no booklet so when you first open it up you do not know what is on each disc. You have to put disc one in and see what is on it and so on for the other two discs. They should have at least put a section on the back to explain what each disc contained. I wanted to sit down and watch the longer uncut version of this film and loose my self it in but now i will have to get up half way to change the disc. Like i said in my other review about the one disc release in ten years time this film will be thought of as ok but not great. When titanic came out people called it the best film of all time and now most people say it's not bad but not great. Avatar will be the same good film but not great with a story that is just like dances with wolves.