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  1.  Great fun!!


    Bought this last week for the kids, but the wife and I have spent more time playing this than the kids!!

    For the adults this is a great "get your friends over and have a complete laugh" sort of game with hours of fun to be had!!

    For the kids, there are loads of great songs for them to song and dance to.

    Definately worth it for 20 quid!

  2.  Best Mario ever!!


    Mario bros in HD is fantastic!! Graphics are amazing, sound is perfect, gameplay is brilliant!!

    This is just great family fun on the fantastic Wii u!!

    Being able to play on the gamepad whilst someone else is watching the Tv is fab!!

    Just buy it!!

  3.  Just amazing!


    We have had the Wii u for 2 months now and own Nintendoland and super mario u. Both of these games are brilliant and the whole family love playing them together.

    The whole concept with the gamepad just works and makes games really fun. It's a nice touch that you can use the old wiimotes for the extra players.

    This is just a quality machine and I would recommend anyone to give it a go!!

  4.  Why is everyone moaning so much!!


    This game is great!Ignore all of the moaning miserable people out there!I think people were expecting too much with this game but it delivers the same great gameplay and on line experience as all of the previous games!Great game worth playing!Months of fun!

  5.  A must for everyone!


    This book is absolute must for everyone!!It is written better that most crime thrillers and keeps you on the edge of your seat through each chapter!I read this within 2 days which is good for me!As someone who is also "in the job" I related to this book and can sympathise with the stress and strains that these guys go through. Excellant book!

  6.  Why compare it to the old bonds?


    Seriously now, can we get over the fact that this is not the old james bond!!The whole Bond franchise has evolved and the last two movies have been fantastic as they are more fitting to the times. Can anyone imagine Daniel Craig pulling off some of the cheesy lines like Roger Moore?We just dont wont to see that sort of cheese in our out and out action movies anymore!
    This movie was fantastic, storyline was great (for some reason people are complaining that it is too complicated or is it the fact that it's a more intelligent thinking mans Bond movie?)Bond girls were great, gadgets were brill. My only complaint would be that it wasn't quite as good as casino royale, but that would have taken a lot to beat!This film is great-buy it!!

  7.  Great...but get rid of the dogs!!


    I love this game!!campaign mode is v.tricky when you try it on the harder settings it will keep you busy for weeks, but on-line mode is where the action really begins. You will not realise that 6 hours have passed when you're on-line as it is so damn addictive!the only slight niggle is like said above..the dogs...i hate them with a passion...whoever thought of that idea is pure evil!!

  8.  Sheeptastic!


    I bought one for my girlfriend and my daughter who both love them!!V.cute and smell great. Think my girlfriend prefers the sheep to me though :-(