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  1.  Average, Perks up abit later on in game.


    I felt the custimoizing of characters was kind of a con, it's basically just the armour you're wearing appears on the character, nothing special.

    the gameplay is pretty average, there is alot of time spent wandering around trying to figure out what you're supposed to do. But later on it does pick up abit but that's about it.

  2.  Wouldn't Recommend, not even for RPG fans.


    Almost every feature of the game seem half-done and/or rushed.

    It's almost impossible to specialise in anything but basic running in and shooting everyone. take away the leveling up system and this another average war game.

    only buy if you actually 'want' the game or if it's in the bargain bin.

  3.  Like every other movie-based game...


    bearable. but not addictive or fun. wait until its in the bargain bin at your local game store, which shouldn't be long.

  4.  Maybe one or two 'Really' Funny moments...


    family guy has become like simpsons 'its not really funny anymore but you still watch it' there was one or two really funny moments on the whole season. and they' used that horrible Conway Twitty thing to fill up one of the episodes so there is obviously a lack of ideas for the show nowadays.

  5.  how can they get away with this?


    all pokemon games are exactly the same just all they've done is different skins for characters and pokemon.

    not one thing is different.
    - you start out choosing one of 3 pokemon
    -you meet a rival.
    -you do gym battles
    -you meet a rival organization that wants to steal something
    -you catch a legendary pokemon
    -you finish up just going through the game doing a string of battles and then try and catch all the pokemon

    and then you go out a few months later and buy the same game but with a different colour after the title.

  6.  Great..but


    this game was great, although the quest system was very annoying. almost every time you updated a quest it would return back to class quest. and i felt the skill system introduced you to the amount of skills too soon and ruined a lot of the fun.

  7.  Great but small things ruined it.


    it's an awesome game.

    and you discover new ways to complete missions as you go on.
    but it wasn't as challanging as you'd expect.

    the chinese campaign is the only challanging compaign.

    the only things that let it down were that you couldn't attack nuetral buildings (sounds silly but if you've played previous games you'd notice)

  8.  great.


    awesome game it's a new style in the pokemon series and the've got it right this time.

    the gameplay gets more challanging which is good and bosses are very challenging as you'd expect. and the sevret missions at the end are fun but i would have made them much harder.

  9.  great but annoying.


    Great game and the strange stories are awesome.

    I always enjoy these type of games but there was no ways of doing proper combo's (you could do combo's in it) you'd expect nowdays from games like this.

  10.  Awesome. but....


    It's an awesome game and the story is quite good.

    Only let down was that there's no time control and that kind of kept the whole set of games going and without it i doubt it will last much longer.