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  1.  Very Unusual Top


    I received this t-shirt today and I was very pleased with it. Although the colours look as though they are muted in the picture, they are of a high quality and quite stunning when opened from the package. Size wise the t-shirt was a good fit, as a size Large was akin to the other size Large tops that I own, and not small fitting.

  2.  Nice T-Shirt


    The top arrived in the post today. It was really nice, decent size etc. However, I was quite disappointed that the back print (shown in the picture) wasn't on it. The picture quality is great though, as the coloured dyes are very clear and of a high quality. I'm pleased with the purchase.

  3.  Darker than Ever


    If you enjoyed the previous seasons of NCIS then this is a MUST BUY! The shock departure of a main character is reason enough to buy this.

    Expertly written with both funny moments and heart renching moments, this is a meorable programme that should not be underestimated. It is so different to the other crime shows out there and I hope it goes on forever.

    The cast work so well together it is impossible to turn it off! I wish each season was longer! Highly Recommended!

  4.  This won't leave you Spellbound! Keep Away!


    Where did it all go so wrong for Lacuna Coil?

    Having been a big fan of theirs for years, I was eagerly awaiting this new album... When I finally got it in my hands I rushed home to put it in the HiFi in anticipation of magic... However, I was greatly disappointed.

    Having accepted Don Gilmore as Producer of this new album (a man reknown for his work with Avril Lavigne and Linkin Park) seems to be their biggest mistake.

    A flat sounding album that should come with a warning declaring POP and not be sold in the metal sections of music stores!

    The best song on it being spellbound, the first single, and even that isn't heavy. Gone are the insight lyrics that can be found on songs from previous albums such as Heaven's A Lie and replaced with Shallow, meaningless lyrics that suit the title.

    Also Cristina Scabbia's voice is under-utilised as Andrea takes over singing most of the lyrics... Unless you must complete your collection with this album I recommend staying away from it... Although fans of Evanescence, Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne may enjoy it.

  5.  Best Season Ever!!!!!!!!


    I love this show. It has been great since the beginning but this is probably my favourite season yet... Five brothers and play 16 are brilliant but heartbreaking.. Bring on season 4 already!!!! This season focuses on darker themes than the previous seasons with secrets beig unveiled not all is as it appears... Military series' would not be something i would usually buy but i'm so glad that i took a chance on this series. I couldn't rate it higher

  6.  The brothers Jonas...


    I picked up this show because the excellent Dennis Haysbert and Robert Patrick were in it and ended up loving it. I do admit that there are some things in the show that get a little tiring.. Like the subtitles as most of the action takes place outside of the US! However, this is probably due to needing to watch disc after disc of the show in one day after putting it on.. It is hard to get used to "Bob" played by Scott Foley if you have watched Scrubs.. as in m mind he will always be the dolphin trainer from that..

    The majority of the acting is good and I liked the programme for not sugar coating the war. While the wives appear to live in a stepford wives scenario at first, it is much deeper than this as problems begin to surface as their husbands cannot discuss work.. the wives almost lead seperate lives! It falls more in the anti-war demographic with the wives stories but leans more pro war with the men... It leaves a lot to be thought about!

  7.  Family Disfunction


    This film has got to be one of my favourite movies ever. They are the modern Munsters! Sullen Wednesday Addams is the perfect gothic child and her relationship with her brother is interesting to say the least (if electrocuting your brother is a fun game to play). The charisma between Mortica and Gomez would have you believe that they were having an affair in real life. It is a fun filled action movie with Dark Humor that adults can enjoy while the children are captivated by the simple magic of it. A must have for anyone with a bit of a dark side.

  8.  5 Stars is Never Enough


    Wow. Anyone I have ever spoken to who has listened to this album can remember where they were when they heard it, how old they were, what the weather was like.. This is not for the feint hearted. If you ONLY like the cure's pop music like lovecats and just say yes and let's go to bed then this album is not for you. If you are feeling fragile and down and alone then you should listen to this album. Every song leads onto another part of the story. It is creative and melodious and the emotion in Robert Smiths voice just carries you along as you listen to him slowly disintegrate. The hurt and anger and sheer love that are the themes in the album are obvious. Songs like prayers for rain bring you down into the deep emotion that is the theme of the album and songs such as love song are classics that will never be out done. I saw them in Wembley recently and the songs from this album stole the show. 21 years on and they are still as relevant as when they were first released proving the cure have always been on the pulse of human emotion and ahead of their time. I repeat this album is not for the feint hearted but it is for anybody who has ever felt fear, loathing, anger, depression, love and haapiness.

  9.  I wish all pirates were like him


    This film is a must see movie if you like fantasy movies and are willing to suspend your disbelief. The action scenes wre great, the jokes were funny, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush stole the show for me in all three movies. Why Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly were cast is unknown to me. Neither actor is worthy of a role in this, both are too young (as actors ie not enough experience) and too wooden on screen so the only reason they were cast is that they are good looking to help pull in the crowds... but Johnny Depp brings them in! The two actors are just shown up when on screen with Johnny Depp as their lack of experience is obvious especially as he is so good. However I still give this movie 5 stars as everything else is so good it just about makes up for Kiera and Orlando. This movie is a must have for anyone who wanted to be a pirate growing up and is a pleasure to watch.

  10.  Mandatory Sentence: Watch this!


    A friend of mine recently lent me Boston Legal Season 2 and before this I had never heard of "Denny Krane" or Alan.. Now I'm making sure everybody in Ireland knows who Denny Krane is. I have to say I did not hold out much hope for it at first with William Shatner being known to me through Star Trek and more recently TV commercials. I thought there's no way he can act! Boy was I wrong. The two flamingo's (you'll have to watch it to get the joke) are the most fantastically funny men on the planet. Witty, Smart and great at being lawyers ( ie sometimes needing to twist the truth) their relationship cannot be described by words alone but by the final moments of each episode as they share a drink on a balconey. The character of Lincoln has been portrayed fantastically and I have never felt my skin crawl as much as it did when he came o screen. Also the addition of the character Clarence was tremendous, the actor is known more for his role as ABE from Malcolm in the middle but here you will see him in a lot of completely new ways... The rest of the cast are on fire and it is as good as ever. Some of the highlights are the Halloween episode where Denise and Shirley go to a haunted house and when two buzz lightyears have a battle... I strongly recommend this if you have a funny bone, especially if it is a dark one. Just beware a lot of the jokes are considered crude by some..