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  1.  hilarious film!


    i watched this with a mate, well we watched the unrated version first, and were in tears the entire way through, great film, a boys film!

  2.  Shamansbury's


    I LOVE this series, my personal favourite, saw these live at the 02 in december and was hilarious, buy this as it will be great on the go :D

  3.  Big dissapointment!


    Ever since the original saw, (saw 1) the films have slowly, and unfortunately got gradually worse, good ending but thats all to say about it unfortunately! big let down

  4.  Well worth it for a fiver.


    A great action packed film!! Great acting with lots of blood :)
    Great effects, great kills!
    Definetly worth five pounds!

  5.  Fantastic under-rated film!


    I wouldnt say this was the best film of 2008, but its definetly in my top 3, when i saw this advertise i thought it would be a typical action film, but how wrong i was, this film is fantastic, so action packed with a fantastic plot! Definetly going to buy this and would recommend this to anyone, you wont regret it!!

  6.  Good idea! and it prooves a point.....


    I thought the film was good at times, and dissapointing at other moments.... The film is all about snuff, where you watch people being murdered, and it shows how the some of the public who view the site to be slightly disturbed and thrive on the clips. I hated the ending, it was far too rushed in my opinion, decent acting standards but overall i think its a worth a view, and in this case you either like it or hate it.

  7.  Watch this film with no lights and by yourself


    I watched this film literally 3 minutes ago and thought it was fantastic, watched it on my laptop and its now 01:36am and it freaked me out big time, i love J-Horror's and this is a personal fave, very slow but as the review below said its seductive with a dark,gloomy creepy block of flats. The reviewer who gave this one star really must have no sense in a good movie, saying it was boring and waiting for something to happen, this isnt a typical horror movie, its a psychological movie, as it says on the case if you can read. a must buy for anyone who has liked the likes of the ring or the grudge. AAAAAAAAA

  8.  HIlarious set of films!


    Although the series of films graqdually gets worse, there still, in my opinion, the funniest set of movies around, must buy for any comedy and/or horror fan who just fancys a relaxing film with hilarious parts

  9.  To the reviewers who say teenagers couldnt watch this...


    Im 17 and i foun this film hilarious! With a great set of actors, the best scene has to be when he is having his chest shaved hhaaahahaha

  10.  The 3 reviewers below summed it up...


    They have said everything that can be said, this is simply one of the best box sets around, i loved every single one of these films!