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  1.  Great


    This is an excellent laptop, its my second acer and this is an absolute bargain, very fast and for the cash you cant go wrong, a seriously good buy.

  2. Rage



    7 New from  £8.56  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.75



    This game started off ok and i thought here we go its just like all the other dull games but i was wrong, the more i play this the more i think this game is a step up as regards to graphics and gameplay, really enjoying it after about 7 hours in. If you like Fallout and Borderlands it is sort of on the same track as those games. You can tell this game has a new graphics engine. I would highly recommend it, go buy it

  3.  True Genius


    By far Daves best live performance with an amazing story, my favourite live dvd by a mile ..... Buy it !!!

  4. Portal 2

    Portal 2


    6 New from  £17.91  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.99



    If you like puzzle games you will love this, the first was amazing but the new version is top drawer, ps3 graphics are crisp and stephen merchants voice over is great....... I would recommend this game to anyone who fancies using the mind rather than just endless shoot em ups which flood the market and take no effort to play, this game is a real test.

  5.  One of the best games on the PS3


    This game is awesome, great graphics and brilliant gameplay, the game is long and never gets boring. The game is much smoother than the first and the zero g parts of the game are excellent, i would highly recommend this game for anyone wanting to see the power of the ps3

  6.  Excellent


    If you like Dom Joly you will love this book, dont expect big phones and squirrels as its totally different but a must for joly fans, dark tourism at its best

  7.  Great game


    I have to admit this game is excellent, plenty of things to do and the graphics are great, it is open world yeah, i wouldnt say totally open world like Just Cause 2 is but still a great game ...... must buy

  8.  Awesome


    This game has to be one of the best games ive ever played on the ps3 , great graphics and the gameplay is a step up from other games , dont think about it just buy it

  9.  Awesome


    If you like olympic games as a rule you will love this , gameplay and graphics are great , online play is awesome , i cant put the game down , buy it !!!!!!!! Lenny127 on ps3

  10.  Excellent game


    This is a great game , cross between gta and infamous metal gear solid set in nazi france , i would buy it if you like the above games