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  1.  The King of Iron Fist returns!


    As a huge Tekken fan, (my love affair with the game starting way back with it's inception on the Playstation) i have been dying to play this game ever since it's development was first announced. I received it in the post this morning and have been playing it for a good few hours. My seemingly endless wait for the game's release made my expectations sky-high as i inserted the disc into my xbox 360 and watched the intro movie. Now at this point, i'm not going to bore you with what the opening movie shows or which character i picked first. I'll give you my positives and negatives. Positives first;
    1 Huge 40 character roster unlocked from the start
    2 Massive story mode
    3 Endless character customisation
    4 Great graphics and sound
    5 Beautiful and varied fighting arenas
    6 The 6 new fighters are awesome
    7 Great online mode
    8 Characters look better than ever
    9 Combat is easy to pick up for novices and a real challenge to master for veterans
    1 The much loved Arcade mode, a staple in the previous 5 games, is now nothing more than an afterthought, being situated in a second menu
    2 The story mode is now the main attraction in Tekken 6 with it's substandard levels and repetitive gameplay. However, playing through this mode is the only way to unlock character's stories and their endings.
    3 The final boss on arcade mode is awful and very nearly spoils the whole thing.
    4 Online mode can lag pretty badly. I've only had the game for a day and i've already had several disconnections.
    5 The original process of unlocking characters has been done away with, with all 40 fighters being selectable from the get go. Takes away that sense of achievement present in the other Tekken games of unlocking and fighting a brand new warrior.
    To conclude, if you are a Tekken fan, then despite the drawbacks i've outlined above, you need to buy this game. It's fast, fluid and definitely the most tactical and complex beat em up on the market. While my drawbacks stop it getting a perfect score, it's still up there with Streetfighter IV as the king of fighters on the xbox 360. I'll see you in the ring...

  2.  Be the Bat.


    Batman Arkham Asylum is not just the game Batman fans have been waiting for but will appeal to anybody who's ever watched a superhero movie or glanced at a comic. As you begin the game, the Caped Crusader has apprehended the Joker and is escorting him to Arkham Asylum, Gotham's home for the criminally insane. However, Joker ends up escaping and takes control of the Asylum. As Batman, you must fight through hordes of newly released inmates, find alternative routes past doors the Joker has locked and use your detective skills to find evidence, solve Edward Nigma's (The Riddler) riddles and save the Arkham staff. How you deal with the thugs is left entirely up to you, whether you wade in there with fists flying or choose to pick off the guards from the shadows one by one. The graphics are beautiful and the voice-overs are exemplary. As you control Batman, it really does feel as if you're the director of your own movie. All Batman's trademark gadgets play a huge part as well, with each one being fully upgradeable as you progress, allowing you access to previously out-of-bounds areas. For completionists out there, even after the main storyline is finished, finding the Riddler's trophies and solving all his puzzles will add at least 3 more hours playtime. Throw in the Challenge Rooms you unlock as you progress through the main campaign and you have a game that you will keep coming back to weeks after you've finished it. Without spoiling anything, the Scarecrow sequences in the game are absolutely breathtaking and reason enough to buy the gsme on their own. Now, stop reading and click the 'buy' button. Gotham needs you...

  3.  Metal perfection


    Fish need water. Cows need grass. Bees need flowers. Metal fans need this album. If you're into any type of metal at all and you're reading this review, clicking the 'buy' button will be one of the greatest things you'll ever do in your life. This is THE greatest metal album in history, nothing comes close. The last Metallica album to feature the talents of the late, great Cliff Burton, this album could be released under the moniker 'Greatest Hits.' An essential purchase if ever there was one. Buy it now!!!

  4.  Tongue-in-cheek old-school rock


    If you are easily offended, then this definitely isn't for you! Bad language, vulgar sexual references and various bodily fluids make up the lyrical content of the majority of the 12 tracks on this album. However, if you have a strong stomach, love old-school rock n' roll and yearn for the days of 80's hair-metal, then this is the album for you.

  5.  Funny but not hilarious


    Family Guy's 8th season will be just what current fans are waiting for but won't attract any newcomers. It will have you in stitches but doesn't quite reach the standard set by earlier seasons. Still runner-up to the magnificent South Park for the animated comedy crown, this is still an essential purchase for Family Guy fans everywhere.