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  1.  Perspective of a Potter Fan.


    Each Potter game has played upon the strengths of its predecessor, but this one seems to have dropped all the effort and become a flimsy "gun game." There is no puzzle element to it as seen in the previous games, and no real exploration element. It is all pretty much "shoot" and "be shot at." I couldn't even see the whole game through - it lost my interest.

    The plot is skimmed very, very loosely - There are even estranged mini-demos which serve as very pointless time-filling intervals that completely juxtapose the, already, patchy plot line.

    My only compliment goes to the graphics. These are the best out of all of the Harry Potter games. The visual detail is very impressive. It's just a shame that game play doesn't keep upon the same level of impressiveness.

    Spell casting is slow and laggy - and it seems most spells pretty much serve the same outcome. Camera angles are awkward and game play becomes tedious and repetitive very quickly.

    Over all - a complete disappointment to the franchise. If you're a Potter fan looking to add this one to the collection .... don't bother. It really isn't worth the money at all. An alternative for the needy fan: Borrow it from a friend or Rent it cheap.

  2.  Very Promising Addition to the Collection ...


    "Lego Harry Potter: Episodes 1-4" has taken a very tounge-in cheek approach to the Harry Potter saga, which, for an avid Potter fan like myself, is really entertaining. Watching certain clip-sequences I found myself actually laughing out loud!
    I believe this game encompasses aspects of gameplay that were missing from the previous Harry Potter EA Games. An example of this; rather than performing as Harry during a Quidditch match, you're in the audience controlling Ron and Hermione through the labyrinthine stadium to catch the perpitrators that are causing Harry trouble. You also get to explore places like Platform 9(3/4) and Hogsmeade. Furthermore, you can cast a lot more spells from an enourmous library of selections (some of which you learn through out the 4 years of Hogwarts, others of which you can buy at Diagon Alley using the Lego-currency you collect through out the game.)
    Hogwarts is very different this time round. TT have re-created the castle and made it completely their own, not forgetting to add a fair few key-destinations from the films. But generally, its layout is totally re-invented. It's not as open as I hoped it would be, but it is still pretty vast with ALOT of different places to see. Exploration of the castle during gameplay is pretty limited as you are following Nearly Headless Nick to get to your lessons and the next level alot of the time (but you can replay levels and explore alot better in "freeplay mode" later on.)
    Generally, the story of Harry's first 4 years of Hogwarts are followed pretty well with some rather entertaining bonuses - like santa hats at Christmas and screaming fans chasing Gilderoy Lockhart around Hogwarts grounds. There is also an impressive change of mood as the years progress. By the third year, the tone becomes noticably darker and much less golden as the previous years. Furthermore, students can be found cowering about the castle in fear of the dementors. My only single criticism is that the storymode moves at a very quick pace. (By the second or third level on Harry's first year, you're facing the "pea-brain" troll in the girl's bathroom!)

    If you're a big "Harry Potter" and/or "TT Lego Game" fan and are looking for something extra to add to the collection - I assure you this one is a must-buy! For those rather unfamiliar with the Potter franchise, I think the plotlines might become a little confusing to follow at times (because the Lego character's communicate through grunts and shouts - so there is no clear vocal-narrative.) But otherwise, the game is really fun - albeit pretty easy - to play. (For the regular gamer, this shouldn't take long to complete at all. One day at the most.) I have very little critcism of this game - it really is fun to play. With the promise of revisiting levels in freeplay as different characters to unlock bonuses, this is deffinately a game I won't be getting bored of in a hurry!

  3.  Coraline.


    For the fans of the book by Neil Gaiman, expect to be incredibly impressed. It's very true to the book, and even adds a few extras like a new character, Wybie the neighbour, and a few more visits to the strange, eerie 'Other World.'

    For fans of Henry Selick. Don't expect it to be better than his previous work. Very rarely can anything beat a classic. Sure, his style and take on the story are fantastic, but if you're unaware of the plot and are expecting something equal to 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', you'll probably be a little bit disappointed.

    Highly recommend you see it in 3D. I saw it in RealD at a local Cinema and the experience enhanced everything. Especially the end sequence - it actually made me jump.
    The musical score is brilliant, and works very well with the film. The voices, I think, are well chosen - especially the comical duo Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, voiced by the fantastic Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders.

    It has a "PG" rating for a reason - there are some very eerie and disturbing scenes for little children. What can you expect from a Henry Selick film? Well, there are ghosts and 'monsters' in this, so parents be warned.

  4.  Better than the previous ...


    It very losely scans over the plot of 'The Half Blood Prince,' concentrating on key-plot sequences rather than detailing explenations and what-not.

    The graphics aren't too bad, although some sequences and details looks a bit ... goofy ... at times. Other than that, game play is better than the previous game, with a lot of different levels and goals to achieve.

    The castle is much easier to digest and explore this time round, with Nearly Headless Nick as an 'easy-to-follow' guide if you get lost, rather than the annoying, vanishing footprints from the last game. There are a lot more places to discover inside Hogwarts that were non-existant before. (You, also, get a brief flight around The Burrow, and an encounter with some weird looking inferi-zombies in a cave.)

    Quidditch tends to get a bit repetitive, but it's quite fun nontheless. Flying is easy to get used to after a bit of practice. The only problem is getting the hang of flying through the goal-hoops.

    Duelling is fun, but it can be a bit easy when you get the hang of dis-arming your oponent (which doesn't take long to master at all.) There are a selection of new spells that create different reactions. Two-player duelling is great fun. You can play a selection of character's from the franchise and duel your opponent.

    Over all, a pretty easy game. Didn't take me any more than a few hours to complete, and I'm not a huge gamer. Still, it's really fun while it lasts, and it's nothing I wouldn't play again just for the fun of it.

  5.  One to see.


    I just watched it and thought it was brilliant. The music, the characters, the plot - it all, just, works! If you're a fan of Juno, then you'll love this one. It shares a very similar style with dry humour and some very quirky, memorable character's and quotes.

  6.  Eep!


    Ordered & recieved these a few weeks ago and the ones I recieved are more of a dark grey. But that doesn't really matter at all.
    Wires are incredibly thin and delicate looking, and after reading all those negative reviews I feel constantly on edge when using them. I feel like the smallest snag will break them.

    On the plus side, the sound is great, the volume switch is incredibly sensitive; but useful and great. The earphones themselves don't look too bad, either. Not bad for the price.

  7.  Oops.


    I ended up getting involved ... By shouting at the screen. Some of the character's are so frustrating it has you squirming in your seat.
    Amazing film but, be warned, there are some unexpectedly disturbing scenes.

  8.  What do I think?


    If you ever saw the BBC Ray Winstone version, this is almost nothing like it - so don't expect it to be. This is a remake of the original Broadway. It's a very unique version with it's own take on the haunting music performed incredibly by Johnny Depp & Helena Bonahm Carter.
    You can tell Tim Burton (director) had fun with this one, what with the excessive use of extreme gore and his usual gothic take to the scenery.
    I rated this 4 Stars because, even though it is one heck of a film and a definate must-see, it might not appeal to those who aren't one for musicals or extreme violence.
    There is very little talking in this, and mostly singing - but that didn't stop it being damn, right incredible. Another smashing film to go in the Burton collection!

  9.  Incredible.


    Coraline is written easily enough for a child to read, but the contect is unimaginably bisare! The different worlds introduced are fantastic, and there are character's that you will love, hate and fear.
    I think its incredible how this book is suitable for children and adults! It really is! Children find it amusingly spooky, and adults find it generally scary.

    Outline: "Coraline is a small girl who is bored. Her parents don't care what she does - as long as she doesn't get in their way. One night, Coraline hears eerie voices chanting a strange song. She follows the voices and discovers a small door which enters into a world quite similar to our own ... only everyone has buttons for eyes and animals talk!
    Coraline enters and is greeted by two replicas of her own parents, only their hungry for her company and won't giver her up without a fight!"