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  1.  Wonderfull!


    I didn't expect much from this game, but after playing the demo this was an instant buy for me.

    I started the game on hard and i have to say its more of a challenge than i thought it would be. The story is worked out so well and it has a bit of everything. (Drama/Comedy/Action/...)

    Although the game is as linear as a game can be it's still a great game. If i have to be realy onhest, this game doesn't do anything groundbreaking and everything it does it does more than ok, but not more than that.
    Why does it deserve 5 stars then? well it's just one of those games you start playing and always say ok one more checkpoint and then i quit. (but you know you won't).

    So if you like games that don't do groundbreaking stuff but feel more like a wonderfull interactive movie than this is definatly a must buy.

  2.  One of my favorites


    I honestly have to say i didn't realy like Norma Jean before they brought out this album.
    It's just an awesome CD all the tracks are thought out realy wel and everything fits perfectly.
    A must buy for all Norma Jean fans but also for people who just like some heavier music.

  3.  Starts of slow


    One of my most anticipated games this year and i have to say now that I'm 20-25 hours in I'm not dissapointed in square.

    Yes it's very different from any other final fantasy I've played but the paradigm battle system just works really well.

    The story is great i find myself in the position of "one more savepoint furhter before i stop" all the time, I gues that has to mean something right?

    The only dissapointing thing is that the game starts of really slow.
    You dont get much freedom until you reach chapter 11 so thats a pretty long time, But once you make it throught this long "Intro" there's a very beautifull gaming awaiting you.

    Definately a must buy for every fan, but also for people new to the series because it is very accesable to more mainstream people also.

  4.  One of my favorites


    I have to say Darksiders surprised me in everyway.

    I read a lot of good reviews about this game so i bought it and what a great game. Ok it does nothing new, but it's a nice mixture of hack'n'slach combat and dungeon puzzlers. The combat is deeper than you might expect at first. On the other hand the puzzles (most of the time) are not that hard.
    The story was ok for me (even funny at times) .

    Overal the game is not that long (finshed in about 8-10 hours I think) but it's worth it to play a second (or even third) time.

  5.  Way better than I Expected


    I have been looking forward to play this game for a long time, but I kinda got sceptic when they changed the old art style (I still like the more realistic look over the cartoony look).
    Now that I've played the game I'm really hooked to it. I have to sya the graphics style doesn't really take away the fun. I've also been playing over at a friends house in split screen and the only drawback there is that the menu screens don't fit on split screen.
    Conclusion :
    Pro's :
    - Lot's of Guns
    - Lot's of action
    - Well worked out skill system

    - Car's don't handle that well
    - Bit of a repetative map design(I'm 10 hours in the game)

  6.  Great game


    When I played the demo i knew i had to go buy this on release day.
    When i got the game I played for 6hours straight (Really adictive), but the only setback is the RTS-style battles are a little hard to give commands to certain troops. So you just end up giving everyone the same command (which makes it a lot less strategic as they probably wanted it to be).

    overall the singleplayer campagin is awesome with all the upgrades and the funny dialogue's.
    The soundtrack is definattly one of the best out there.
    Haven(t tried the multiplayer yet, but since the battles are not my favorite part of the game I think I'll like the singleplayer more.

  7.  Pretty damn hard


    For every metallica fan out there this is definitely a must buy.
    For other people i would like to say:
    if Guitar hero world tour was too easy for you than buy this game.
    the songs are really challenging and most of them are fun to play (GH:WT for me was 30%fun 70% boring this game is the other way around)
    GH:M has enough songs to keep you busy for a long time and the guest act songs are good as well.

  8. Fuel


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     Sunshine after the rain


    At first I was a little disappointed because the game really wasn't what I expected it to be.
    After a few hours of just driving around the HUGE world map I actually started to like it.
    you can't really compare this game to any other racing game i think because it has this really original vibe.
    Just chillin' out driving around the world.
    Anyway for everyone who likes a huge open world and who can handle a bit of frustration (you have to finish first in a race or you lose), I would say this is a must buy.

  9.  Awesome!!


    To get through the waiting period for the new final fantasy and star ocean 4 i bought this game and i must say i was really surprised about the quality this game offers it looks, feels and sounds great i haven't advanced in the story that much yet but i already like it very much definatly one of the few good games for the psp. Must buy.

  10.  Not as good as I thought


    I was used to playing r.r 4 on the psone and am kinda dissapointed with this one, because i liked it in r.r 4 where you had to choose a sponsor and got new cars from them. This game is just plain racing, which it does ok, but if you want a real racer i'd go for something else.