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  1.  an average game well worth the money


    this game is so far from 5 stars yet it isn't even 4, its just an average game, i bought this so time would pass quick before xmas but i got more than what i asked for. the graphics are reasnoble the gameplay is good with a poor storyline but is the perfect touch for the game, the online could be good if there was anyone online and the mutiplayer is amazing. all in all this is worth not trading in, sure it won't ever be your best game but with a freind its fornomanal and if your ever having a bad day on call of duty you can always come back to this with confidence. finaly, its an average 3 stars but for £10 its well worth the money and thats why its 4 stars a great safe buy for just £10

  2.  better and worse than the previous series


    U can start with the graphics, cod 4 compared to cod 5 is difficult to compare because the difference in time but the cod 5 graphics are better, the maps on cod 4 are more interesting but thats again because the difference in time, and finally the guns are more effective on cod 4 also because of the time difference, but so much more realistick on cod 5, all in all cod 4 is better than cod 5 in a technology form, but cod 5 is better for what it is and more enjoyable

  3.  best of the series


    for the first time in a year call of duty had been severly freatened , next to call of duty this game is different in every aspect but better at its own tricks, but unfortunately it just dosn't have that edge that call of duty has. this game is a must buy the only thing you need to bear in mind is only play on it when you have 45 minutes at least to play on the ps3 because after each bit of gameplay theres an awesome cutscene that you will only enoy without being constantly consious of the time, i learnt that 1 and a half acts through. and had to pause some, leaving the PS3 on all day. All in all a 5 star must buy, the second best game to ever of lived.

  4.  different to the usual R&C games but for the better


    For my birthday i got a PS3 and R&C TOD i loved it, it was fun from start to finish even when it was completed, i decided i wanted an R&C on a handheld console, so i traded my DS for a psp with a dumb friend, i bought SM on my PSP, and liked it, i would rate it 4 stars, and was looking forward to the next R&C, but couldn't help but think it would be the same as the others.

    when i saw secret agent clank i thought it was perfect for what i wanted and bought it with confidents. when i got it i was amazed by how a shoot em up series turned one game into a secret agent themed stealth game. a must buy, however if you have never owned an R&C game buy SM first then buy SAC about 3 weeks later, if you have owned an R&C game before buy it as soon as possible, and buy SM if you have got the money, because its a worthy, a typical R&C game.

  5.  i have not yet made my mind


    i have never come across something like this before, when you get a new game you either love it and it gets you through boring lessons at school, or you hate it, this is neither and thats all you come to think, you play on it consistantly for the next month or so, i have never experienced that before, on the actuall game the graphics are out of this world and the music puts you in the right mood. it would be a five star but i have not yet come up with a conclusion so i played a safe 4

  6.  don't judge a book by its cover


    when this game came out i hated it, i hated every aspect of it, the way everyone loved it, and many more ways. as weeks past buy people became less and less exited over it, after a month past buy i forgot how much i hated it, my freind who also had a PS3 lent me it i was not fussed but i played it to make him happy and i loved it, the graphics were unbeatable the free running was superb and i could tell the storyline was solid from the minute i started, i was practically punching myself for telling everyone how bad it was, and then i forced myself to face the embarresment of telling everyone how good it was. the moral of this story is you cannot judge a book by its cover.

  7.  its the best game ever AT BEING ANOYING!!!!!!!!!!


    Okay my title is a bit harsh but it can be annoying. normally i tell my life story on reviews so i will try my best to keep this short and sweet, some aspects are good some bad
    storyline: brilliant
    weapons: better for mantel but funner for the rebels
    special feature: both sides have there special abilities
    annoying apects: i do not have enough words to describe even one aspect so all i'll mention is it takes years to find out what to do next after each objective.

  8.  takes a long time to start


    when i bought this game i knew deep down it wouldn't be good but my head would just not exept it, i bought it 3 days after it came out. i got home and liked it, nothing more, the second time i thought it was alright the third i gave up on it, i came back to it 11 days later and completed any race no matter how far i was behind, suprisingly it got better and better and then i finally was able to make my own team and it went absolutely amazing and it just does not get old it continuesly improves.

  9.  brilliant


    for christmas 2006 i got a DS but the games i got were poor so i bought this on the 27th of december and it made my christmas plus my new year, the only improvement could be the visuals selections in the garage also the way the traffic is going at 10 miles an hour and plus when your going 100mph the cars stay still when you hit them but you go flying leaving you 5 seconds away from first place, as long as you select no traffic its fine but unfortunatly you do not choose the traffic settings on career. Carrer mode is good but on race now you choose everything and is awesome. altogether the whole game is a must buy it is great, i give this a low 5 because carrer mode is 4 but everything is 5 so it was about 4 and 4/6, so i consided what the hec its a five.

  10.  juice games have let a big oppurtinity fly away


    this game gave me a great idea to have a football league of races 0 points losing 1 drawing 3 winning and you could get relagated and promoted. Juice games have done something simular which is an ameatur version of a footy league and is very poor it becomes impossible after league 6 without cheats with them you can only get to the 2nd before it is impossible. this game is dissapointing for the most stupid reasons.