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  1.  Space Efficient!


    This ice tray is fun for those of us that grew up with tetris, but also very good at using the space because of the way the cubes tesselate. The cubes come out really easily and people really enjoy getting a tetris cube in their drinks!

  2.  A great new take on horror


    I enjoyed this film a lot, I was expecting a bog standard horror film, but this delivered a much more interesting plot which keeps you guessing the whole way though.

  3.  A good summer read


    I enjoyed this book, and read it pretty quickly. However I was really disappointed with the ending, as it left me with more questions than I would have liked!

  4.  Peaceful but sad


    I loved the way this book was written, it was very gripping, but all the while encapsulating a feeling of stillness and reflection. It's a fairly short book and I read it quickly, but I would definitely recommend reading it to others.

  5.  An entertaining and thought provoking read


    I had no idea what to expect from this book as I hadn't heard of Caitlin Moran and was given it to read in my book club. This book is extremely direct about a lot of taboo subjects, talking on many topics candidly and very entertainingly. I found that as I read through the book my view on the world around my changed and I feel that it genuinely opened my eyes and made me think differently. So many times I was laughing out loud and muttering "so true" to myself. I'd recommend that everyone should read this book - not everyone will like it but everyone should try it.

  6.  A lovely warm book


    I had read a few books of this genre recently when I read this one, and was feeling a bit tired of the genre, but I found this book to be a really interesting read. The plot did follow the standard formula for this sort of book, but there were some twists, and I found the initial concept to be interesting enough to make it a really good read. It put me in a very Christmassy mood, definitely one for the Xmas holidays! :o)

  7.  Average and predictable


    I found this book to be a super quick read, and moderately entertaining. The story was fairly predictable and there wasn't much depth to the characters, but it was a bog standard detective novel. I found it odd how there never seemed to be any investigation in between murders, the lead characters were always going home to have dinner and relax and waiting for the next murder to happen it seemed like - fairly frustrating to not feel that the detectives have a sense of urgency in a book of this nature!

  8.  Bleak!


    This book was bleak, totally and completely bleak. The pace of the book reflected the pace of their life, plodding along the road day after day, but managed to be completely gripping. It stirred up all sorts of reactions and was well written, though in places I got frustrated with the constant description of the bleakness and the pace - but really, that's exactly what makes it such a good book! Only read this book if you have the energy to cheer yourself up again after reading.

  9.  Enjoyable in small chunks


    I have to confess that I've not actually finished this book yet, but I do have every intention of getting there. I found this book to be really interesting simply because it was about an ordinary life in the most part. I found myself laughing out loud at some bits, and reading certain stories aloud to my partner, but I can't keep reading it for long in one go. From the outset Simon is humble about his skills as an author, and at first I liked this, but after a while the book did feel a bit rambly, and I was eager to get further along. For the time being I've put this down as I got caught up into the next book club book, but I have every intention of returning to read the end.

  10.  Quite Entertaining


    I found this book to be a bit skin deep, I never quite believed the characters, but that said I found that I still enjoyed it. The storyline was quirky and entertaining and that's really what you want from this genre! I would happily read another of Paige Toon's books.