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  1.  Fantastic


    I have yet to buy this product, but I can be safe in the knowledge that when I do, I will love it. This is by far one of the best sit coms on TV, and the second series is just as good.

    You don't need to be especially intellegent or a geek to understand the humour of this show because it is so well done, and at such a reasonable price, you can't go wrong with buying this boxset!

  2. Heart On

    Heart On

    Eagles Of Death Metal - CD

    4 New from  £12.64  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.45

     Top Notch


    I consider myself a fan of eodm as i've seen them live and own their previous two albums. However, i was a little bit apprehensive about heart on when i first heard about it because i wandered how on earth eodm could output more songs in their unique sound without them being quite similar to previous songs.
    My doubts were blown away by the first 30 seconds of 'anything 'cept the truth'. As soon as i heard it, i knew this was a very good album, and after listening through it, i can safely say it is.
    In comparison to previous albums, eodm have pushed their sound further, moving away from the rather raw recordings of the previous two albums, creating something that sounds very nice indeed. I enjoyed the previous albums, however i felt that the levels were a bit out on some of the songs and that it could be a bit of a mash-up of sound at some points, but heart on is an excellently produced album, and even if you enjoyed that raw sound, you'll still love this album!
    The only other thing i can say is that heart on has excellent replay value. I've listened to it 3 times through consecutively and not once was i bored.
    Overall, a very good album, deserving high praise. Each track is as solid as the next (there are no filler tracks to be found here), and there still reamains that unique eodm humour (i think the track title 'solo flights' speaks for itself...)
    This is a must for any eodm fan, and a damn good buy for anyone else, you won't stop dancing!

  3.  Brilliant


    I had some reservations about buying this album, but I owned all of the other studio albums, so I though why not? And I wasn't dissapointed.
    Although relatively short in length compared to Zep's other albums, the songs are absolutely fantastic and terribly catchy. Having just listened through to the whole thing for the first time - it took me about 30-40 minutes - I am extremely pleased I bought this album, and so have no reservations about giving it 5 stars!
    Well worth a listen by any Led Zeppelin fan, or any fan of music in general!

  4. Rated R

    Rated R

    Queens Of The Stone Age - CD

    25 New from  £4.92  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.15

     Fantastic Album


    The title says it all.
    I was a little nervous when buying this album as I find some QOTSA stuff a bit weird, but this is my favourite album out of the 3 I bought in the same order (the others being QOTSA - Lullabies to Paralyze and Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left to Lose, which are both good albums anyway).
    Plus, at the price of £5 it's a bargain!

  5.  Pretty good


    I've just received my pair, and I plugged them straight into my iPod and they're great! (Better than my broken iPod ones at least!)
    I don't know about longevity yet, but all I can say is that for the price these are a pretty good buy.

  6.  Perfect.


    If you don't yet own this game, click the 'Buy' button now. You can't fault this game in any way (at least I can't).

    Graphics - Fantastic.

    Gamplay - Unrivaled.

    Online - Will keep you addicted for hours.

    You will not regret buying this game, I guarantee.
    It would be nice to be able to custmoize your character's appearance, but that's the only fault I can find (and personally I don't care about that at all).

  7.  Quite enjoyable.


    I've never played a game in the Resident Evil series before as I was put off by the 3rd person style shooting, but one of my friends told me this game was in a similar style to House of The Dead and those kind of arcade games, so I decided to give it a try, and I was quite impressed.

    The graphics are on the whole fairly good. At some points things can look a bit 'straight-edged', but that didn't bother me personally as it's the gameplay I was more interested in.

    In a word, brilliant. I played this game without the use of the Wii Zapper (just using a free Wiimote and Nunchuck) and found it to work very well. It's hard to go wrong with the first person light gun style games, but this game improves upon the arcade format by including hidden files and character profiles which gives a lot of replay value. There's also the level up system which I thought was a nice touch. It allows you (when you have eanred enough stars to do so) to level up weapons making them more powerful, or increasing the clip size etc.
    Not playing a Res game previously, I found this to be a good overview of the series (I'm sure a hardcore Res fan would disagree), but in the end I found it to be a little short and lacking depth. There are quite a few weapons to choose from, but some more vareity would have been better, and you can only level up each weapon 4 times (5 if you count the bonus at the end, but I won't spoil that...), which limits the weapon so to speak (I was constantly running out of ammo despite maxing the weapon out). There are bonus missions included, but overall I think some more levels would have been a nice addition.

    Generally, for what it is (not for what it isn't - another installment in the Res series) it's hard to fault this game as it stacks up extremely well against games of its genre such as House of The Dead. If you're a fan of light gun style arcade games (The previously mentioned House of The Dead, Time Crisis, Crisis Zone etc etc etc) then you won't be dissapointed with this game at all.

  8.  Personally, I didn't like it...


    I bought the game and was quite excited to get playing, so as soon as I got home I put the disk in and played. I gave it a couple of hours (got through about 4 missions) and the game hadn't really left a brilliant impression on me.

    I was quite impressed by the graphics, especially the water effects which look amazing

    Personally I found the controls to be extremely awkward. I found it quite easy to move the selected unit around, but it was selecting specific units, or groups of units that I found to be quite tricky (especially when you're getting blown to pieces by enemy bombers from above).
    Admittedly I didn't go online. I bought this game at the same time as a friend and we planned to play online together, but after playing through some of the story mode we both decided to trade the game in.

    Maybe I didn't give this game much of a chance, but either way it's not really my cup of tea. I expected a good solid war game, but got something that was targetted at younger audiences.
    All in all, I think this is probably a good buy for casual gamers or younger gamers, but not something to compete with it's contemporaries such as Command and Conquer.