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  1.  Enjoyable


    This was an enjoyable watch. I watched it with my 2 young children and had to turn it off half way through because they totally lost interest. I wouldn't say this is a childrens film if im being honest, lost of guns, shooting and talk of killing each other. Does get a little boring in the middle. Beautiful blu-ray transfer, really is flawless. 4 stars.

  2.  Picture quality really lets it down


    This is a good film, but the picture quality at times is horrible. I nearly turned it off cause it was that bad. There are some lovely looking scenes that look amazing but the consistancy for the whole film just isn't there. Could have been 5 stars if they could be bothered. Shame.

  3.  Excellent


    This film is so much fun, it really does have everything, great characters, great animation, fantastic songs, good guy, bad guy, funny lizard ( Pascal is my favourite in the whole movie ), the works. Buy this for your kids and you wont regret it. Mine have watched it about 50 times already. Beautiful on blu ray, a great film to show off your system. If i could give this 200 stars i would because it deserves it.

  4.  Bargain


    For under 100 pound you can't do better. Picture and sound are amazing. This is the second sony blu ray player i have bought from play for and the delivery is second to none. Ordered sunday and it came by tuesday. Not sure why other reviewers are complaining of a noise while the player is on, mine is quiet as a mouse. All in all top blu ray player for the money. 5 stars.

  5.  OK


    OKish film. 3 people stuck on a ski lift. I got out of the film as much as i expected i would, not much. In the end i was wanting it to finish. The picture is terrible on blu-ray.

    To sum it up -

    Ok film
    Terrible blu-ray

    3 stars



    great film. picture and sound quality are amazing. buy it.



    By far the best film to watch on blu-ray. Didin't see this at the cimema and ordered the blu-ray as soon as it came out. No special features which is a bit of a let down but the quality of the picture in 1080p is amazing. Watched it twice already and will watch again and again. Simply breahtaking.



    by far the best thing i have ever bought for a tenner. wasnt expecting much but got home tonight and it had arrived. biggest smile on my face. great sound. great price. your a fool if you dont buy 1