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  1.  Aftermath of the London Exclusive Screening


    To be honest I have sat at home after watching the DVD at the exclusive competition win on 21/09/2010 in London and I was buzzing with adrenaline and Goosebumps all over my arms and I am finding it very difficult to get my words together to review this DVD so I will say whatever comes to mind

    This DVD is BETTER than Disasterpieces (Slipknots earlier full concert DVD) the way they have captured the bands outstanding performance and the crowd singing along is spot on From the Intro onwards my spine was tingling the whole time and my feet where tapping away with the bass drums along with the head banging that naturally comes with it Not one moment went by where I wouldnt want to jump up and mosh with everyone around me

    One big thing I was hoping for was that when Slipknot did the jump the fk up part during Spit It Out that they captured it properly on cam and guess what the cams DILIBERATLEY turned away on the live web feed to save it for the DVD and I tell you this looking at 80000 people jump up in the air is chaotic and crazy

    Being a huge Slipknot fan I am glad that I made it to this show back in 2009 and i am even MORE glad that they captured it on video

    Caught at the height of their career putting on possibly the best performance of their life along with late Paul Gray

    Slipknot fans you will NOT be disappointed with this so scrape some cash together and re-live or experience what it is to see the Insane 9 Member Heavy Metal Machine we know as Slipknot rip the Download Festival apart

    Stay (SIC)


  2.  50% Heavy 50% Melodic


    From the beginning Corey said that "People are going to love this album and people are going to hate this album" I think it might be cause on the previous Stone Sour albums there has only been 1-2 Melodic songs, where as on Audio Secrecy its pretty much gone 50/50 so if Sour fans are looking to get something like the first Album then that wont be the case. BUT. I would put it on par with Come What(eva)May as there is more then a few songs I am constantly having on loop in the last 48hrs. All in all Stone Sour have made another album worth purchasing, just be prepared for alot of melodic songs on here though.

  3.  Welcome back Rob Zombie


    One thing a lot of metal bands seem to be doing lately is going from very Heavy Metal to Melodic and more toned down material Pretty much what Rob Zombie did before he started directing films
    So I listened to this album with an open mind to see if I would be surprised or disappointed
    Straight away I hear the Rob Zombie we all know and love returning with his old school heavy metal style making me think ahhhhh ok so this might be interesting Kicking off with the first track Sick bubblegum which I am already resisting the urge to hit the skip button Still on edge I hope that the rest of the album would not disappoint from What? To Burn every song had either my feet tapping or head nodding away
    There is also a lot of guitar solos in this song which I havent really noticed in his other songs so that makes a nice change
    One thing I miss is the odd fast song as it was Super beast that got me into Rob Zombie and I guess I was hoping for similar tunes on this album although Werewolf Women of the SS delivered nicely
    On the whole I am very happy with this album and dont regret getting it

  4.  Major Let Down For Next Gen Phone Users


    I will start by saying that these earphones are FANTASTIC so sound and comfort. Walking home from work hearing NO OTHER sound apart from my music is such bliss then hearing a police siren or people talking to loud in-between songs.


    Why a two star rating i got these headphones SPECIFICALLY for my Samsung I8910 HD (next gen phone with the 3.5mm jack) as when you play the music through earphones it automatically switches to 5.1 surround sound. Upon connecting the earphones the phone registered that the earphones were connected BUT it thought i was constantly trying to make a phone call (as the switch button on the wire changes to call mode when the phone starts ringing) so in this case MAJOR compatibility issues as i can also see from other phone user reviews.

    If your looking to get the most out of an IPOD then sure they sound pretty good But for folks like me that want to take there phone music to a new level email this company first before buying as i was let down when this didnt work

    The Black Mist

  5.  Darkest Version Yet


    I have seen many versions of this story told from the original black and white film to the first colour film and of course to the adaptations made by The Muppets and Disneys Scrooge McDuck. A classic tale and with Jim Carreys talent of playing multiple people from Scrooge to all the 3 Ghosts you know that your in for a treat.

    To summarise the film its starts off the way youd expect it to introducing Scrooge as the Unhappy Christmas hating man and wishes that the occasion would never come around.

    One night a visit from his late partner Jacob Marley warns him that if he doesnt change his ways he will be doomed to suffer the same fate as himself

    3 spirits shall appear to show Scrooges
    Present and Future
    as each ghost passes the consequences get darker and darker till the point of where you meet the last ghost who is the scariest of all

    This also leading to why this film should of had a higher rating as a lot of these scenes could be frightening for kids. HIGH BUDGET SPECIAL EFFECTS make it worth seeing once. However the reason I gave it a four star rating is because its the same story told over again and there is not much new material you can put into a classic that has been made over and over in the past.

    The Black Mist



    This concert is a perfect example of what would happen if you took your fav. Drummer from one band fav. Guitarist from another and so on and so on.. You get a heavy metal monster album that fans would only dream of. But in this occasion it actually happened and some of the greatest metal musicians came together to perform the RR united concert in L.A. Baring in mind this probably wouldn't of happened had the album of been a flop . But it didn't and was a success globally and at this one concert they were able to get most of the artists together Current and Past to do the album in its glory .

    Is It Worth it? In my view yes it is to see that many artists come together not only for the album but for a concert aswell is a rare thing to happen.

    And The Price? Under £15? You bet that's worth it considering ONE artist music dvds can be as high as £25


  7.  Burnout and Need For Speed Combined


    If i had to say how this game looked from the begining in the way it looks and handles it reminds me of Need For Speed Most Wanted (without the cops) but with the INSANE crashes that Burnout is renowned for. So what can the Burnout fans expect from this game? well one good thing about Burnout Revenge was the online mode and the amount of games you can pick from, you can still do this on this game but then with the addition of such games such as the double stunt mode where you would spend ages trying to create the wackiest stunts this is another reason to keep you occupied away from some of the other top sellers this year. The graphics and crash effects have been improved ALOT so more the good reason to delay it till january. The crash impact on the cars in the races has changed to, when you got hit in revenge it would glide your car after you hit something then it would wreck your car and youd be back on the road. But now if you hit something its like being hit on the head by an 18 wheeler as this super slow hit impact motion will show you in alot of detail how much damage you do on impact buy showing multiple parts of your car crumbling from your wreckless driving. The Burnout Boost ? well in Revenge it was more advanced over Burnout 3 with the feeling that the scenerey was just flying past you with the nitrous blast sound to add to effect, the one in Burnout Paradise actually MOVES the back of the car when you fire it off, so once again trying to pull you in to the realism of what happens when you do fire off nitrous at a highspeed round a dangerous corner. Now then Need For Speed fans if you liked Most Wanted as much as i did then this is where the Need For Speed side of the game is. In this Burnout you can browse the city (250 miles in totol) just like you would in Most Wanted and Carbon and also with the Map in the top right hand corner like most wanted telling you where the repair shop (thats right repair shop) and other things around the city. So is Bunrout Pradise a WORTHY purchase? in my view Insane Crashes,Crazy Stunts, Miles Of Road To Explore, Tons Of Cars, And Old School Look Of One Of The Best Need For Speeds Made? you bet ill be picking it up when it hits the shelfs

  8.  Within Temptation Fans Delivered Another Treat


    First of all im really shocked that I didn't review the standard edition of this album but then again its probably cause my review didn't get approved ANYWAY ill try it with this version :). My view on special editions is normally wait till they are in a deal cause normally there is not that much worthy of spending so much on a Special Edition of an album you already own !!HOWEVER!! Like the Special Edition of Stone Sour's "Come What(Eva) May" this album actually has things that are more then value for money. The DVD is taken from the band's recent tour in Japan and if no one has EVER herd Within Temptation Live (shame on you) you will get to see that they have an outstanding stage presence as Sharon (singer) always sounds so much better live then on cd but then so does the rest of the band, band DVDs alone can sometimes be about £20 so a bargain show on DVD. The Acoustic versions of some of the singles is impressive as if the songs weren't good enough already to mellow out even MORE to these tunes is just the icing on the cake. All in all definitely a collectors item for any Within Temptation fan and fans that have never seen them live before :)

  9.  Within Temptation - Untill The End Of Time - Mother Earth


    I first found out about Within Temptation when they joined Road Runner Records and after purchasing The Silent Force i thought id investigate some of the older albums. With the Silent Force it was a little heavier then this album which is ok cause this way it showed that they just kept evolving with the present day music BUT if you want to hear Within Temptation on a mellow-level lower and smoother then their current albums "The Silent Force" + "The Heart Of Everything" then it would be worth checking out how Within Temptation sounded a long time back. My favourite song on here would have to be Mother Earth cause it was soooo smoothing and relaxing for me and to almost here a story about mother nature through a song is a rare thing in music these days

  10.  Poison for the Still Remains Fans After Something Different


    When Still Remains burst onto the metal scene i really admired the fact that it wasnt the same as some of the other same old same old that is turning up these days i still remember the song "the worst is yet to come" and that has still not left my mp3 player. On trying this new album i wasnt sure what to expect but when i did it first started off as if you were playing a video game then feeds into the new album. Im trying not to use words that everyone else has but i can say that each song has its own sound and uniqueness which had me tied on every song to see how each one would turn out, at some points i felt like i had been sent back in time with the way some of the sounds were playing along with the tracks describing being very pissed off at people, talk of love and the end ofthe album :) if your a Still Remains fan and are after something new as in not sound the same as the first album then this is for you. For NEW Still Remains fans check this album out FIRST as this feels like a bit of everything