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  1.  Metal gear, mass effect and splinter cell in one


    I was looking forward to this game for a while (as most big titles are out later on) and have to say it didnt disappoint, graphics are sound, game play was smooth and controls were easy to manage once you got used to it (did struggle at the start of the game).
    I liked the various ways you could engage your enemies or avoid if you so wish, I wont lie there are areas in the game where it does seem a little long winded but once you get past them its worth it.
    The story line from my point of view was excellent (I did all the side missions that at times gives you info about the overall story) theres also some pretty good twists within the game!
    If you like your stealth games this is one for you, guns out blazing? You have that option (plenty of weapons within the game which can be upgraded) but I seriously dont think this game is made for that and would be less enjoyable than sneaking about.

  2.  Fantastic album from a beautiful singer and song writer


    Nerina has got an amazing voice and so suprised she's not a more notorious artist, this album is a mixture of feel good , relaxing songs that you can simply drift off to whilst collecting your own thoughts. I'm a fan of all kinds of music and must admit this has been my music purchase of the year so far.

  3.  Great graphics, repetitive and eventually boring


    The first few hours of playing I honestly thought wow, a new original game, facial expressions are great along with the rest of the graphics and story line was pretty good.
    Then I just had a notion that it felt abit like the first assassins creed, doing similar cases over and over but with different suspects, which for me left me bored and uninspired to finish it.
    Its got a long shelf life, I managed to play for around 10 hoursish and get just over 50% complete (played through to end of detective rank).
    Free roam is just driving around, the occasional call for back up on the radio and thats it.
    Not to bad a game but to long and lacked a grippin story line, I respect others giving it 5* and saying the storyline is great etc
    Just doesnt cut the mustard

  4.  Great Sequel


    I'm a huge fan of origins, and this game does not disappoint. I like the fact you can import origins game data so the story is linked to what you've already done.
    This game has had a few tweeks, mage is pretty much the same but as others have stated the other two charaters seem to be more free flowing when it comes down to combat.
    Graphics have improved, wouldnt say dramatically but when you realise the size of the game its understandable.
    This game isnt for everyone, its a long, takes time to level up etc, but a must buy if your a fan of origins or elder scrolls (or maybe even fallout if you can live without the guns).

  5.  Awesome game, Online improved


    Reading through the reviews I have noticed some 1* which Is not a true reflection on this game. I'l talk about online as thats COD's main selling point.

    Oline: I personally think this loads better than previous, you dont get people running 50mph with shotguns, noobs or just stabbing you. Its a game for the more tactical minded than running around like a headless chicken (decoy grenade for example). As for people complaining about loading times, sometimes this is an issue but considering its just come out and there's millions playing at any one time, I reckon the servers are doing a pretty good job.

    Graphics: yet again are very good, maps have been created very well (if indeed lacking so fingers crossed map pack out soon). Love the fact you can add camo to both yourself and guns, makes you character more unique.

    Game play: love it, especially when your running you can actually dive! So you can dive through windows, out of the way of grenades / under fire, or simply jump round a corner and surprise your enemy :)

    Zombies: Its back again which I for one am very happy about. Its a great break away from team death match, you do need to work as a team or else you wont last very long at all. (at main menu screen press RT and LT consecutively until you break out of the chair, then walk around until you find the computer and put DOA in, this unlocks another zombie game and also gives you an achievement when you break out the chair).

    Overall great game, dont be put off by negative reviews. Its truely a great game, Enjoy :)

  6.  Hours upon hours of gaming joy


    I've had to make some changes to my review, This game is easy a 5* I've played on this game for hours now and it keeps getting better and better. Graphics are great, story line is very gripping especially when you've discovered plenty of locations and done a few missions. Be a nice guy or a complete bad ass, or combine the both :D. Highly recommend to all RPG fans alike, you wont be disappointed!

  7.  Good rival to N97


    I've owned this for a week now and must say I'm impressed. Its my 1st smart phone, played with n97 and the iphone but neither felt right. I find the screen responsive enough, never needed the stylus anyway. Camera is great except no optical zoom which you would expect. Internet is fast (depending on network) not the best browser going but good enough. People go on about using it for days and still finding new things.........I must have a different phone. Has your usual phone stuff and a few extra bits and bobs such as quick office etc which I like, dont want loads of stuff I wont use.

    Now why it didnt get a 5*, comes with no software for pc........only on memory card which I find quite annoying, once you download the files you need and then try and upload items on your phone it takes forever! Then it misses random songs from albums etc, might of just of been a minor blip.

    Overall a great phone.

  8.  Better than 09


    I find this more challenging that 09. As for people complaining about getting bullied off the ball by defence, isnt that more life like? And also with regards to corners I've scored a good few from the player taking it and curling it into the far corner. Still not quite there but the improvements each year are getting better!

  9.  Great price........Great Album


    Straight into it: Vocals are fantastic Aya has a beautiful voice which goes hand in hand with the metal music.
    Drums, Bass and Guitar: Equally as good with Maurycy "Mauser" Stefanowicz (vadar) on the guitar so wouldnt really expect anything else.
    I've given this album a 5* not because its the best one out there but for under £5 you cant go wrong, makes a refreshing change, I've listened to the likes of nightwish etc where some songs work, on this album all the songs are easy on the ears and the lyrics have been well written and greaty collaborated with the metal music. If your a fan of Evanescence you should like this.

  10.  Great demo, will look forward to full length game!


    I havnt played resident evil for a long time (nemesis on the ps1) and from what I've seen/heard I downloaded the demo and was amazed at the graphics gameplay etc. Played it online on co op which as long as you work as a team is really good. As for people slating it for its old school stop and shoot/slash if you've played on any of the other RE games it wont bother you as thats how its always been.